This Weekend on Nigerian Idol: ‘American Legends Nigerian Idol Style’

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Another edition of Nigerian Idol held this weekend and I was ready with my tea and popcorn (don’t ask) to watch!

First bit of exciting news- the guest judge was M.I!!! Now I like me some M.I, and I thought it would be interesting to listen to his take on the acts.

Having said bye to two more contestants (why didn’t you people vote for Diwari na?), the show had six contestants left.

I rubbed my hands in glee and settled down to it. Unlike the Whitney episode, I was sure I’d get good singing today!
I did get good singing but also a lot of forgotten or ignored lyrics. One or two contestants like Stephen simply made up their own lines in bits. Oya o contestants, next time, google!

Usually there’s a night where the girls impress but the guys struggle or vice versa but not tonight! Really liked Najite, Joe Blue and Mercy’s set.
Najite sang like a diva; Diana Ross would have been proud.
Joe Blue went all out paying a homage to Cher that even Cher would have been amazed by. Like M.I said to him, win or no, Nigeria needs him.
Mercy was masterful! She had a good command of the stage, the band, the audience, the judges, everything!
She really worked hard for the money!!!

Linda struggled a bit in my opinion. I think she took Tina Turner’s “What’s love got to do with it” like just a dance track when it’s more a ‘been beaten, broken, bent but defiant’ type song.
It’s cool though, she still has a voice for days.

Stephen and Honey were cool too. Stephen took on a Bette Midler song, a surprising choice I thought,  while Honey went with Elvis’ version of ‘Fever’.

All in all, not a bad evening. Especially as Brymo and M.I performed as well!!!



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