The ‘PAINTED’ illusion

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You think you know me? Or you think you have an idea about me? What have you ‘PAINTED’ of me? Wicked, a heartbreaker, a loser, a twitter addict? Or you amongst the ‘Many’ that think me proud? Let’s be honest, you don’t know me, so don’t act, think or even pretend that you know me. What you all know is what I ‘PAINTED’ for you all to think I am.

She called me wicked though, ‘she’ is one word you’d have to get use to around here, I talk about a whole lot of she’s ‘ some I screwed, some made out, some I gave hope and let that hope fade out right in the next second they sought comfort ‘ whatever it is, the events are unprecedentedly related to She’s. Back to who called me ‘wicked’ – she heard I had a story of how cheap she came with sex to me on my diary, someone saw my diary and told her, another – the same. Don’t wonder, my diary isn’t in that hard covered book my parents gave to me year’s back to solve or practice maths ‘ Mum would be disappointed I write though cause this don’t bring food to the table ‘ Ma diary is Online, for all to read, critic, laugh about, pass comment, find a ‘She’ weakling and maybe hack it to destroy my effort of couple of months now.

The Me you don’t know Or rather the me I don’t show is calm and way too conscious about what we think about women, I wouldn’t in my ‘Me’ state do such, But think about it – Sex from ‘She’ on the first day of our meeting? I sure didn’t do wrong cause blogging about it is an indecent way of scolding a ‘She’ of such, ‘She’ got the wrong ‘PAINTING’ of me or I made her think she got it right?

Look, don’t hate me cause you think I don’t have respect for women and their self-esteem or value’s… I know too many that would collect handsome cash and tell you to your face to take their values or self-esteem – who gives an ‘F’ about that these day’s though? Like seriously?

So don’t be too quick to judge my witty, precise and detailed piece especially you ‘ready to jump’ females – yeah y’all, am talking to you. Back to what’s important – Me ‘well, last time I checked’ I’m having too much of this bogus ‘PAINTING’ and I think ‘Me’ must have lost ‘Me’. I can’t fall in love anymore ‘ the woman am in love with at the moment think’s a relationship would mean the quickest end of us ‘sighs’ how do I even learn ‘commitment and responsibility? that’s a convoy we sure having soon’ I put up a ‘PAINTING’ of me to women am protective of that ‘Friend safe zone’ but I know a ‘Son’ would jump at the opening of her valuable asset ‘ you are above 21 reading this, you should know what that means’ and most of all – this ‘PAINTING’ never has time for you if you are a ‘She’ rather than Work, Brand’s, investments and the newest idea’s that could spark a century.

And guess what, this ‘She’ just fell into one of the very unsecured zone’s my ‘PAINTING’ portrayed but we won’t talk about that now until the next piece… I had to give you an idea of what my subsequent piece would be written on. This is the platform and we haven’t found a Trailer or Tipper to wreck it down yet.

Deile ‘remember you don’t know me, don’t ever think you do



Most people think they know me... because you call me Adeile then probably decide to put the father's name Abe just so people think we close, Naah! Whatever you know about me has been a successful lie since the days of my breakup with 'Bones'. Converse with me on twitter @i_aMrMilounge. P.S: But DON’T emphasize on a follow back.


  1. Complex piece! Had to read it twice not to confuse the ‘mes’ and ‘shes’Some of us have so many alter-egos and’s fun being different versions of yourself though.

  2. Complex piece! Had to read it twice not to confuse the ‘mes’ and ‘shes’. Some of us have so many alter-egos and alter-alter-egos. It’s fun being different versions of yourself though.

  3. very nice nd interesting piece of writng. i like d title tho “painted illusion”. it is a figure of speech, i think metnnomy tho not so sure. but its a nice piece

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