The ‘PAINTED’ illusion (Part II)

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Steadily being acquainted with my new alter ego – call it ‘successful switch’ But couple of female readers are not giving me a nice one with their message’s because they think my write-up’s disrespect and dis-agree with the female values!! ‘Female Values?’

Female Value’s – explain a lady who want’s sex involved with me because she’s heard a lot about me.  Quoting ‘Her’ ‘Heard you the head ‘Niccur’ in charge of the Milounge Media brand? Heard your dressed to impress all day!? ‘She’ heard this, heard that and all I had to do was to live up to what ‘She’ heard and in just 3 days of twitter DM convos, she’s talking about ‘Giving me like no other’ – Female Value’s!?

& I ain’t the best saint of my generation neither do I have the power over the greatest Sin so am tearing that ‘She’ ‘Value’s  real bad – please decode – & if I can probably get underneath the sheet’s with you cause am ‘acting my painting’ , why would I wanna let go of this ‘POTRAIT’ ? I am a 24 year old, young adult and still manoeuvring through these roads, this stage brings, so shoot me for wanting to ‘SCREW’ ‘Her’. Another victim fallen for the glossy, flashy ‘POTRAIT’ ‘PAINTED’ by a certain Adeile ‘& remember you don’t know him’!

Please look at it from this perspective & never be too quick to judge. More importantly, if you think this ‘Write-up’ talks to you or it refers to you, don’t be too quick cause it’s definitely not you and I am certain about that. Women at my stage these days are more prone to what they see or what they hear rather than upholding their values, so if you have a problem with how I analyse the values of women have had encountered, I think you should see them first!

And I am Deile ‘remember you don’t know me, don’t ever think you do’



Most people think they know me... because you call me Adeile then probably decide to put the father's name Abe just so people think we close, Naah! Whatever you know about me has been a successful lie since the days of my breakup with 'Bones'. Converse with me on twitter @i_aMrMilounge. P.S: But DON’T emphasize on a follow back.


  1. Its True a lot of women throw caution to the wind, its also true most of the rest of the women have no values or value no values at all, howevr, its not true that all women do the same, some are probably worse, but a lot of women still really value values….. U should analyse women yes, but you shouldnt generalise…. Cos it would totally be wrong to generalise for men too even though they are the most morally debased and who abuse theirs and anoda pple’s values more often than i can remember…. Ur literature is tite though, but i prefer to see it as abstract.

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