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Hey Ladies..

You Finally Got Served!

A Limited Tees Collection For The Sexy, Sassy, Classy and Hot Urban Chic.

The ‘Sisi toh ta Lenu Tees’ By WADES.

Here is presenting the second design. #Stand Out
#Celebrate Your Figure
#Turn Heads.

360NoBS is proud to present,  exclusively to you, TEN LIMITED EDITION WADES TEES over a period of time (we want you to savour the design of each Tee).  These are LIMITED EDITION as there are ONLY 20pieces made of each design, which we would be bringing to you in conjunction with the designer.  These designs are not like any you have seen before.  They are Classic, Timeless and Distinctively Tailored.  Make an effort to Own A Piece of History today.

To shop for this visit or (FREE DELIVERY within LAGOS and ABUJA).

 As our readers are very special to us, we would be giving away 5 WADES TEES.  You’ll have to stay clicked on to find out more.  😉

WADES was founded in 2009 by ‘Wale Adesina a graduate of Microbiology from the Obafemi Awolowo University. WADES is into the production of urban-everyday garments. A WADES piece is bound to make you look good. At WADES we believe that fashion is a blend of several ingredients (proper finish, straight thread stitch, proper colour combination, nice packaging, good-quality fabrics and the right mix of people to produce the garments).

At WADES® each piece is a project. Wearing a WADES piece instils confidence and a drive to go all out to succeed. Our clients are young (15 – 40yrs old ) and stylish people. AtWADES®, we believe age should NEVER be a barrier to looking good.



The 6 o"clock man.

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