“Putting the ‘Nigerian’ into ‘Nigerian Idol'”

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Come Friday, Nigerian Idol will say goodbye to one more contestant! And Charly Boy seems to have the top four figured out judging by his rings.
Yes, on the Top 5Ve show, Charly Boy consulted his rings and they told him how each contestant would fare. Mercy would be in the Top 2, Najite in the Top 3, Stephen in the Top 4.

Interestingly, if I had to guess I would say…
No. Never!!!

What I can tell you about was how the Top 5ve show went. It was probably one of my favourites so far. First off was that gorgeous dress Tiwa Savage wore. Aiyaiyaiyaiyah!
Then the theme was ‘Nigerian songs’ with everyone from P Square to Midnight Crew to Nico Mbarga honoured.
Then there was a special treat- guest judge, Sir Shina Peters.
Whose brilliant idea was it to have Sir Shina Peters on? That person deserves a raise dammit!
Not only did he perform and have us dancing (afro juju shina peters igba tiwa lode….), but as a judge, he was priceless.
Determined not to be mean, if he didn’t like you, he’d probably say, “God bless you”. And if, like Mercy, he thought you were excellent, you’d get him on his feet.

Mercy owned that stage twice last night. First with Midnight Crew’s “Igwe”, and then with a sassy cover of ‘Chop my money”. I figure a lot of guys mentally wrote her cheques yesterday.
Joe Blue gave her a run for that money with a theatrical performance of “Olori oko” by Infinity, and then, a calmer but still fun, “Oyi” by Flavour.
I like Joe Blue. He didn’t come to Nigerian Idol to play.

Honey took on two modern day legends- Tuface and D’Banj.
Neither was excellent for me although “African Queen” was fun with his reggae twist. Najite also gave a strong account of herself. Her first song was “Mo se ori re” by Paul Play, followed by “If you ask me” by Omawumi. Yeah she handled the latter song well well. I think Omawumi would have been proud.

Stephen belted Djinee’s “Ego” out, but I felt he missed out on the soul and the story. “Ego” isn’t just a song about a girl, it’s a song about love and loss and regret. I didn’t feel that. “Sweet mother” by Nico Mbarga was better, especially as he gave his mum a big hug mid-song.

Nice night overall, with mums in the audience and more ladies noticing just how cute Ill Rhymes is.
I could have told you all that years ago though! *sigh*



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