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Hello, hello my lovelies, my styling diary is back due to popular demand and this time I’m taking a fun styling tour around the hottest and most fashionable clothing stores in Lagos.  This week, we popped by the Mango store for a fun filled morning, going through their latest arrivals. I picked my top looks for this season and I’ll show you how to style and pair these garments beautifully. Go on, have a look!

Style Entry 1: My first look is the new take on the Little Black Dress- the Little Red Dress. The draping on the neckline gives this fun dress a sophisticated feel.

Add a belt to your waist for extra definition and an hour glass shape effect.

Gold cuffs will give your red dress an exotic and eye catching feel.

Leopard print is back and strappy heels have dominated the runway all season. RED DRESS + LEOPARD HEELS = No Brainer.

Style Entry 2: I am really becoming obsessed with preppy looks this month and I love to give a preppy ensemble more fun with a little dash of colour blocking. Here, I have achieved my look by teaming a bright yellow cardigan with a crisp white shirt and red skinny pants.

Give your preppy look a twist with some animal inspired jewellery, Owl necklaces are very trendy right now.

Animal prints are very in. Once again, I teamed red with leopard print for a bit of character.

Style Entry 3: Mixing and matching prints are very fun and I have always wondered why people steered clear of doing this. The trick to mixing prints is to remember that there is no right or wrong way, as long as you are happy with what you have mixed then you’re good to go!

I paired Alex’s printed blouse and scarf with cream coloured accessories to tone down her look, this instantly makes her look chic and polished.

Remember! Mixing and matching prints is a fun and quirky way to switch around your outfit, don’t shy away from doing this.

Style Entry 4: An all black outfit will always be timeless, classic and super flattering. I have put together black tights, black booties heels, a black blazer, dark sunglasses and a large black tote bag. To achieve this look, everything single garment picked must be black. I have added a light scarf for when it gets a little  too chilly with the  constant use of AC.

Invest in a huge black tote bag, it can carry everything for you on the go and is suitable for almost every occasion. A black tote bag is one of my best fashion investments.

Style Entry 5: 70s fashion is BACK!!! But did it ever go away? Bring on the sequins and denim. Sequins are risky business and are a sure fire way to make anyone look like a moving disco ball.

Pipe down the look with a pair of seriously flared denim trousers. To avoid looking frumpy, wear a pair of heels to give your legs extra height as flared pants tend to swallow up your ankles.

Style Entry 6: To rock a pair of cigarette pants like Alex, you must observe your body proportions else you will end up looking like a stuffed sausage. I decided on a black loose fitting blouse to go along with cream cigarette pants. This way, her top half is loose while her bottom half is tighter and a bit less awkward looking.

Personalize your look with a statement necklace.

I love rolled up pants and I love rolling up cigarette pants even more. It gives the look a fun twist and serves as a better alternative to the awkward hemlines that cigarette pants tend to give.

Style Entry 7: Say goodbye to classic blue denim shorts, channel your quirky side by opting for coloured denim shorts. Here, I picked white denims shorts together with a white fun shirt for an overall neutral look.

Pile on fun necklaces to give your outfit a beach/earthy feel against all that white.

Be adventurous and free with your neutral look. Opt for bright coloured shoes, accessories and jewellery. Fashion is always about having fun!

Alex and the Mango store manager; Ahmed.

Mango Store Staff.

Special thanks to the Mango (The Palms, Lekki, Lagos) store team for letting us invade their store and try on just about everything. Off to invade another clothing store for my styling and your viewing pleasure. 


Styling: LucyLove

Photography: LucyLove

Make-up and hair: Sleek cosmetics

Model: Alexander Nwokedi (Face of Sleek 2012 winner)



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