Confessions Of A Call Girl – Journal Entry 1

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This is it! I have been looking out for her for a while. My understanding is that there is one on every campus, that one woman that can bring out the real you. Her name, I am told, has been forgotten, she has been in this school so long; everyone just calls her “Miss”. Rumor has it that she actually graduated in 1999, but because business was so good, she retained her room on campus and posed as a student, so she would always have fresh young ones.


I want this so much! Understand this: I am choosing to have sex for money. It is simple really, when I got admitted into the University I had a lot of catching up to do; I was naïve and inexperienced. All my life, the parents have had me on a strict schedule; school, get picked up by the driver, go home, maybe once in a while go see a friend and that was the height of my social life till I crossed the front gates of the University. All my friends in secondary school had boyfriends and lovers or stuff like that; I just went to school and went home, the parents didn’t even trust me enough to be a boarder! What rubs me the wrong way is the fact that if they had allowed me some freedom; I probably would have made them proud because I love them.

By the time I got admitted into the University, I was fed up with the parents and their overbearing ways; I didn’t even wait for my SATs to come out. As soon as I heard that I passed my JAMB I was ready to be anywhere but in that house. Don’t get me wrong I have great parents but I feel like I’m still 12 when I am with them, they are so straitlaced! Ugh!


Moving unto campus was a frighteningly exhilarating experience. I mean I had no curfew and no guards willing to run to the parents if a boy so much as did a double take when I passed by. I got my first boyfriend within 2 weeks and it was gratifying to be so adored by another human being. I know I am traditionally described as beautiful, with wide brown eyes, well defined cheek bones, full sensual lips and a tiny nose all framed in a heart shaped face. I am neither slim nor chubby; I have a full figure with ample breasts and a nicely shaped behind. I have no illusions about myself, I am quite a head turner and I am quite comfortable with that. This boyfriend that I had; he absolutely worshipped me, he would do anything I asked him to do and he would follow me around with a little lost dog look on his face. It took him about a month, but he finally got the courage to try to get into my panties.


Diary, I will never forget that day, because I learnt something valuable about myself that day. I was in his off campus apartment; I had just gotten up to retrieve the remote control when Ray took me in his arms and kissed me softly, with a small smile on my face I responded, matching soft for soft. My response was obviously welcome as he deepened the kiss a little; his tongue flicking out to tentatively run across my lower lip for some reason, this felt great and a small moan escaped from me before I could hold it in. He kept teasing me with his soft kisses, occasionally nibbling gently on my sensitive lower lip. My hands were clasped around his neck, but his taunting kisses caused my hand to move behind his head, pulling him in for a deeper kiss. At about the same time, I felt his hands slide down my waist till he was grasping my behind, grinding his quickly hardening shaft against my pelvis. Today? I thought as I felt a responding tug in my lower belly, will he finally make love to me today? I was determined not to spoil the mood as we had come so close many times before. Frankly, I was worried that I was destined to be a virgin all my life. As these thoughts were crossing my mind, I felt Ray’s hands creeping up my body, and I felt like my very skin was straining to be touched by him. I moaned in frustration because the clothes on my body meant that I could not really feel his touch and my body was crying for him.


It was at this point that I decided that if I didn’t take things into my own hands, I would never know what it meant to take a man into me. I broke the kiss reluctantly, and planted a kiss on the tip of his beautiful nose. I trailed kisses round his square jaw line and down his neck until I reached the hollow at the base of his neck. For some reason, I felt like tasting that hollow and so I sucked it into my mouth lightly and for the first time ever; I felt the rush of power that comes with being the reason a man groans in pleasure. Encouraged by that tiny groan, I nipped lightly at that tender piece of skin and felt a jolt of pleasure at his quickly indrawn breath and the simultaneous thrust of his now full erection into my pelvis. I felt a familiar throb in my vagina and a slick wetness in my panties, this was an old itch and I felt like it deserved to be scratched. I was not going to be left aching for something I did not understand.


I moved my mouth back to his as my hands slid underneath his shirt from behind, momentarily satisfying my need to just touch his skin with mine. I was getting pretty agitated and so I quickly undid his buttons and slipped his shirt off his body. I was not sure what to do, so I began to kiss my way over his chest when my lips grazed his nipple I heard a smaller moan; so I stayed there kissing, licking and sucking on that nipple as my hands strayed over the rest of his body. When my fingers grazed the top of his belt, I saw his stomach tighten with anticipation as I divested him of his jeans and then his boxers taking his rigid shaft in the palm of my hand. I felt it twitch in my hands and I felt a rush of excitement and power. This is for me! I am the reason he is standing in front of me, naked and trembling while I am fully clothed.


He reached for me as I started to move my cupped hand up his member, I remember his penis fondly, it was long and thick, and it felt like quite a while before my hand reached the tip. I evaded his grasp when he tried to draw me close, I could see that he was getting really excited. I remembered how my skin had been moaning for his touch and I understood what he was going through. I was wearing a belted dress, (you know one of those dresses that are held together only by a belt) I had gotten into the habit of wearing easy access clothes whenever I was with Ray because I had realized that the slightest challenge would make him back away. As I tried to sidestep his hands, he caught hold of the belt and tugged, causing the dress to fall open. I was uplifted as the hard dick in my hand became, unbelievably, harder. He slid his hands under the material, pulling me and pressing his erection against my stomach. My girl hole throbbed in response. “You are so beautiful”, Ray whispered. “Don’t talk, you will ruin the mood.” I said.

He responded by pulling my strapless bra roughly down and taking a nipple in his mouth. Words failed me then as my hands left his cock and moved to his head pushing his head closer. He unclasped the bra and as it fell to the ground, one hand crept downward until it found the tops of my panties; he traced the frilly hem lightly, dropping his hands until he found the mound that marked the beginning of my girl hole. He stopped there, caressing the mound through my panties; the feel of his hands through the silk was the very definition of torturing with pleasure. I couldn’t stop moaning as his hands slid further down. When he reached my vagina he stopped and lightly drew a finger across my soaking wet underpants. He stopped nibbling on my nipples long enough to say, “You are so wet, I really like”.  I was too far-gone to respond with little more than a moan.


He passed a finger across my pussy, slowly inserting a digit some way in then out. My knees buckled and he laid me out on his floor, laughing softly. He slid my panties off and then spread my legs, smiling at what he was seeing. He dipped his head down and I almost cried out as I felt his tongue lick me. My hips moved in an involuntary complaint as he moved his head away. Again, he ducked his head and this time he placed his lips around the walls of my labia, inserted his tongue into my labia walls and sucked in. I cried out, lifting my hips in an attempt to grind into his face. He held my legs apart and kept sucking, running his tongue across the length of my pussy. I was in the throes of pleasurable pain, a few minutes of this and I felt a tremble starting from the bottom of my stomach and spreading to all my extremities. Very soon my whole body was wracked with these pleasurable shaking, I couldn’t control it, underneath the roar of blood pumping fiercely in my ears. I could hear a low sound, almost like someone was in pain, it wasn’t till I climbed down from the heights I had flown to that I realized that the sounds had been emanating from me. I reached down and pulled his head up, pulling him for a deep kiss, tasting myself on his lips. “Condom?” I whispered. He flung his hands out, searching for the jeans that I had discarded, rustling through the pockets until he found what he looking for, He cut off our kiss long enough to slip his condom on and then knelt between my legs, running a finger over my clitoris before he slid into me.

The feel of his shaft sliding into my dripping hole was incredible, after a few inches, he met some resistance and his eyes grew wide with amazement as he realized what that meant. He smiled at me as he pushed really hard, breaking through and sliding fully into me. I was in pain for a long moment and asked him to stop moving while I adjusted to the feel of him stretching me. I clenched and unclenched my inner walls in an effort to adjust to him and soon realized that the pain had subsided and I was causing ripples of pleasure to course through my body and I could see; from the look in his eyes that Ray was barely able to control himself and I wanted to see if I could make him lose as much control as I had earlier, so I moved my hips a little. The result was phenomenal, I heard him whisper, “Tight!” to himself as he moved his hips to match my movements. It was at this moment that I realized something; I like sex!!! Not just because of the pleasure I derive from it, but because if, even in my lack of experience, I could exercise this much power over another human being and then I wanted to explore it and find out how powerful I could become. These thoughts kept me excited and very soon, Ray and I were bucking away like wild Jackals fighting over an abandoned carcass.


That was 2 years ago, I have come a long way from there since then and I am finally ready to meet Miss. Crap! I have to go, there is so much I have to tell you about Miss and how she is going to help me be just who I want to be.

Later Days!




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    Very appealing.

    She’s a very bad girl.

    We’ll see how bad.


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