Coco’s Chronicles: The Valentine Tragedy

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Valentine is a season of love and a season to share and care. But sometimes, especially in Universities, it is a season to laugh your head/boobies off because of the ridiculous presents some boys give girls.

The most ridiculous present I first saw being delivered to a girl was in my SS1, when a girl was given eba in a broken plate for Valentine. Well, believe it or not, it happened. I went to ISI, I have proof!

The second most ridiculous present was in my part three, when a girl got a bottle of Groundnut for Valentine.

It just used to be a case of the Good the Bad and the Goddamn Ugly! back then in school.

The worst Val’s present which motivated this article is a torn Vagina. Yeah, one of my friends got a torn Vagina as Val’s gift from a boy she thought she liked. I said “thought she liked” because after he was done with her Veejayjay she was sure she didn’t like him.

Busola had just come out of the healing period of a relationship that ended on a bad note. She was sure she was ready to move on and so when one of her friends suggested Makin to her she didn’t say no. She met Makin and they connected right from the first day. He made her laugh, was sweet and was good company. She liked him instantly and thought, well why not?

They’d known each other for a while and it was going to be Valentine in a couple of days, so he invited her to his school. Busola said she felt deep inside her it was going to be amazing! She arrived his school and they had fun, visiting places, having lunch together and talking.

Then they returned to his room together. Makin had cleaned his room, arranged it and made it look like a love nest. Very soon, he and Busola got all “ready”. And then they started. First round, second round, third round and then Busola got tired. She asked Makin that they stopped but Makin asked for just one more round. Busola should have said no if she knew the tragedy that awaited her most prized possession.

Not too long after this round, Busola said she started to feel pain, she begged Makin to stop but the boy seemed to be high on skunk. He kept riding and was oblivious to my girl’s cry and plea. When he was done, she could barely walk, talk or wear pant!

She walked with her legs parted to the hostel the next day and couldn’t attend any class in a long time. Of course Makin called to hook up again and since Busola still has plans to have kids, she told the Pussy tearer off.

Damn! Thank God for his mercies you say abi?



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  1. Maybe she’s been hoarding her coochie for long and d guy has been waiting for dat moment/period or better still marathon….just like I am waiting nw sha… 😉

  2. lmao @ “she had 2 walk back 2 her hostel with her legs parted”……,just hope she did dat in d wee hours of d morning,else she wulda created quite a scene & trust obnoxious students to throw silly questions @her as she walks with her legs parted…

  3. WoW, tearing someone’s vagina. am guessing the guy is proud of himself.

    The best kind of sex is the one she keeps coming back for not damaging her body-part because you wanna shag like a porn star

  4. LMAO I totally know that eba story… was re-enacted several times in ISI…(S/O to all ISi peeps). One of the eba ones I saw even had toothpaste icing sef! those boys were brutal!

    Torn vagina?!!!! Obara Jesus, happy Valentine to her too

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