Coco’s Chronicles: The B*tches We Friended

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Hey guys! Been a while I posted anything. Missed the comments and the thrill I get when I write on here. I know I shouldn’t have run off like that, I won’t run off for that long again! Not even if I have to go to London to see the queen. Oya, let’s get down to business.

Recently a friend of mine was gisting me of a girl we all happened to know while we were in school. The girl Ronke allegedly snatched her bff’s boyfriend and was showing no remorse. Ronke had gone behind her friend’s back to say awful things to her boyfriend and took over. When Ronke’s bff asked her, she said that’s how God wanted it and it was predestined. I don’t know how many girls can relate to this craziness but I can! Not me really, but I can relate with it cos something similar happened to my friend Reanne! I’m going to title this – The bitches we friended

Reanne broke up with the love of her life in our part three. We (her friends) couldn’t stand the boy, so we were kinda relieved they ended the relationship. He was one big cheat, hopped from one pussy to the other and never seemed to have enough. To make it worse, he hit on her friends and that drove her crazy every time.

Anyway, when she sent him out of her life, we were elated! It was a very bad period for her because she loved him very much but we were eager to help her get through the period.

While she was trying to get over the ache, her ex came back on bended knees. He was sorry and he wanted her back, Reanne began considering him again and we all frowned at the idea. I couldn’t wrap my head around that at all! While we were still trying to convince Reanne not to make a mistake with the guy, the most ridiculous news started moving around school. Reanne‘s ex was hooking up with one of our other friends. Let’s call the girl Folake

We first dismissed it as a rumour and then it became more constant. Reanne couldn’t believe any of the 2 parties would do that to her and so she never believed it.

Then one day, she was heading back from class when she ran into Folake. They greeted and chatted and hugged and did all the things we girls never get tired of.

Then Folake said she was coming to pay Reanne a visit that evening. I had earlier told Reanne I was coming to visit and so she put a call through and informed me of Folake’s Visit. I promised to buy food when coming over.

When I got to Reanne‘s that evening, she was furious and all of a sudden she broke down and started sobbing. Between sobs, she told me what happened:

Folake and Reanne had said their goodbyes with Folake promising to see her soon. Reanne then went back to class because someone called her to come pick a book, she played a while and thought since none of her friends was coming till later, she might as well pass time. By the time it was close to the time Folake would come, she left for her hostel.

When she got to the junction, she saw Folake getting down from her ex’s car. Stupefied, she watched as they kissed each other. The boy drove off and Folake totally oblivious of Reanne‘s presence at the junction walked towards Reanne’s hostel. Reanne ran to Folake and watched in shock as Folake hugged her again! Then she said, her friend, some boy whom we all knew just dropped her off.

Reanne confronted her and Folake started stuttering and claimed Reanne didn’t see well.

Reanne never went back to her ex; and she and Folake didn’t talk for a whole semester but then I still wonder, why do friends turn to bitches? And of course I intensified my prayers of never “friending” a bitch!



I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. I can’t blame Folake. Besyds d relationship was over. Am not sure folake was even one of those dat advised her to dump d guy, so hwz she a bitch. Letz tk anoda look at ds. Wot if reanne was datin sum1 else already dt she loved more than her Ex? Wud we still b callin folake a bitch?

    1. the problem here is not that she started dating him after Reanee broke up with him, the problem is that they were friend and she started dating reanee’s ex. theres an unwritten girl code dat ex boyfriends, husbands and chykers are off limit. but there is an exception, you have to seek her permission then its ok to go ahead even if she says no, dt is if d love is killing you oh. but generally ex anything are off limits to friends

  2. Next time you run off, we shall occupy your section of this blog :)..

    Make amends and post 3 more..

    From a guy’s perspective, usually when an ex does a *folake*, they’d have been eyeing each other long before d hookup and once d girl’s game, for the guy it’s just another challenge!

  3. Is it only gals dat are guilty of this? Don’t think so. Av got a friend dat tries to date my ex or current each time but d difference is I let it roll..
    Na d gal get her mind nah

  4. I dnt knw weather to say d word wicked or mean or I dnt know, but really there are surely d good ones nd the bad ones “Male nd Female” just that we all are not the same. People change, but if wat u wrote is as it is den damn. We are already in this world shitty tins would surely happen. “God should just give us our rightful partner”

  5. Derez no big deal about it joor. My sis married her ex best frnd, who was also hitting on her best frnd den. Today their marriage is d envy of frndz and neighbours. If her hubby didn’t make a move den cuz of his frnd and her frnd, mayb we’ll b telling another story today. Once u break up with sum1 u don’t av d right to dictate who they shuld or shuld nt date.

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