Coco’s Chronicles: ‘Cum’ and Tell

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Yay! It’s my 30th article on! I’m excited! Noble and Oye should buy me a present and bake me a cake! 😀 Ok, just joking o, before y’all abuse me. It’s not a bad idea tho. I’ll still ask Noble for my cake. Let’s talk about the chronicles for today!

I believe sex between people should be handled the way the two people involved deem fit. I mean both of you should agree on the terms; friends with benefit aka No strings attached or if it would be the romantic one or whatever. Both of you should at least agree on your terms.

I also believe that a man who tells the whole world about his sex life and brags about it isn’t a real man. Especially if the sex wasn’t awesome…

I was discussing with my girl Reanne some few days back and then she said she had something to tell me. She looked so serious and all of a sudden, the Reanne who never had a problem with saying things had difficulties with letting this one info out!

After a while, she said it. “…I think U av to be careful with Tope. He said something not too nice“. At this point I was like ok, what is going on?

Tope is our very good friend – a boy with whom I have history and who hasn’t made good decisions where our relationship is concerned in recent times. I asked Reanne to go straight to the point and she let it out

We were in a meeting at work d other day and a colleague of ours said something about…” Then she paused. “Talk madam! What can be this bad? Abi kilode?”

Then she added “he said something about you and Tope sleeping together

Now if someone had slapped me hard across the face at that moment, I wouldn’t have been that shocked. And horrified! WTF!!! In a meeting?  This boy and I did things over a year ago! And when it happened, it ruined a lot of things between me and my ex because we were trying to patch things up and come back.

I had been devastated when it happened and I had mentioned it to Tope who told me in clear terms he didn’t want to be involved in things that concerned me and my ex, even if it had to do with me hurting.

I had been mad at him and had ended our friendship but like the prodigal friend, he’d come begging. And because of Reanne, I had let him back. Now he’s telling an office colleague who joined their place of work just two months back something that happened between us a year ago. And not only did he say it, he mentioned it in the present continuous!

I asked to see him and he kept forming activity and then later asked to be respected because according to him, he sensed I was getting rude. That was it. I lost it when he asked for respect and gave him a very big piece of my mind. How dare he ask for respect when he wasn’t in anyway respectable? I insulted the low-lifer and told him out of my life.

And I still wonder, did he have to talk? To a colleague in his office who didn’t know who I was? But then some men are born stupid.



I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. yeeee!!! im d 1st to comment (lol) nway like u said some men were born stupid. i most times 1der what it profits dem to kiss/straff and tell. few mins of fame and dats all. mschew

  2. Its so uncool for guys to do dat. . .it just shws hw low his self -esteem has falln. . .i guess it ws d best he s evr had. . .:-P ff me @Czar_Rafael

  3. Wow… I don’t know if we males see anything good in it when we tell odas abt our sexual lyf, but really I’m always ashamed to tell someone abt it. But really coco, I cnt deside he might later be a better man nd might not, soooo pllsssss forgiiivvveee

  4. I wldnt call it stupidity,I wld call it immaturity. Sum dudes jst can’t handle it! Its like α jackpot 4dem. If dey don’t say smfn,dia peepee bcoms smaller. Coz I jst don’t get it! U talk,den wot happens? Pple know,den wot next? And did coco call dem stupid? Yea,u can add dat too coz by d tym its been analysed,den it wld actually ball down to stupidity!

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