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Twenty-eight year old Nigerian alternative soul singer, Emmanuel Bez Idakula, is charmer, a dreamer, wine lover, traveler, comfort junkie, and one who appreciates beauty.

His music, an understated and unusual hybrid of Soul, Rock, Jazz and R&B music, sets him apart from the mainstream movement. “The Nigerian music scene has a popular sound called afro pop or afro beats… it’s dance music that you hear every where you go. My music, on the other hand, is almost at the opposite end of the spectrum from the afro pop/afro beats genre. My sound is very organic yet refined and carefully put together. I feel my music is best enjoyed when it is performed live on stage. The latest single That Stupid Song from his albumSuper Sun is gaining momentum particularly in the US where African artists are the new black. Bez explains, “every musician would love for their music to be known world wide, and that is a great goal to pursue. I really want to tour a lot. Touring creates awareness about the music and you learn a lot when you’re on the road. Bez can be shy off stage, but any stage will bring out the beast in me. I like to believe I am principled and a hard worker, but because of thecurse of the genius I am never truly fully satisfied with anything I put together, I always feel it could be done better. I believe I am here on earth to add value to people through my music, and for that fact alone I believe the music shall transcend borders. After touring the Super Sun album, I’ll proceed to create another record; merging what I’ve learnt on the road, like music business, inspirations, and sounds to make my goal of world domination feasible.”



The 6 o"clock man.

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