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Rumor has it that the legendary commercial Hip-hop act 2shotz, real name; William Orioha was formally engaged to the 19 years old model; Beverly. Both of them have condemned such false news spreading via the internet and media houses. “we were never engaged, we only dated and anyone could have had thoughts of taking it to the next level but that never happen” Says 19years old Model; Beverly Osu, 2Shotz ex-girlfriend whom their pictures together were trending via the internet couple of months ago.

In an interview with 2shotz trying to get facts right.

Have you heard about the ongoing rumor you were formally engaged to Beverly Osu?
2shotz: YES I have, it’s funny how people in the media use words, I’m engaged to only one person and that’s “name undisclosed” Like you can see she’s wearing my ring. I’m sure you know there was never a time any other gurl wore my ring. *Smiles* I’d never proposed to anyone else.

Where you in a relationship with Beverly?
2shotz: YES we had something going but it dint turn out we were gonna spend the rest of our lives together.

Was there ever a time you proposed with or without a ring?
2shotz: NO

Did u offer her any ring as any sort of gift at anytime?
2shotz: NO

Was there any sort of family to meet ceremony like an introduction?
2shotz: *laughs* That’s a sure NO like I just told you I never proposed to anyone before my fiancé, so what would have brought that up Thank you for your time, we just liked to hear from you since Beverly has condemned the rumor of ever being engaged to you too. I won’t mind if you spare few more minutes to talk about your present relationship, we heard you’re engaged already and getting married soon.

How true is that?
2shotz: Very True!

Has there been a family introduction ceremony with her?
2shotz: YES

So we await the wedding proper?
2shotz: Sure

When will that be?
2shotz: Words will reach you regarding my wedding at a time we choose to make the date public, that’s all the time i have with you now, we can always
book another appointment, and thanks.

You’re welcome, have a nice day.



The 6 o"clock man.


  1. Hahahaha… Thi is just funny, well they could be pretending just to kill the matter & it could also be a lie. Linda ikeji is the person firing all these kind of rumour…smh

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