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The joy of every mother is giving birth, despite the fact that giving birth to a child is one of the most painful things a woman can undergo/experience.  Sadly, no woman in her right senses will say she doesn’t want to have a child of her own.  Inasmuch as its painful expereince, it’s still one of the most fulfilling experiences to bring a child into the world.

With that said… Onto the next one, the reason for this write-up.

Every man(all humans inclusive here) is pregnant (not the 9months pregnancy), even Guinness that puts alcohol in our system still takes time to let us know there is a drop of Greatness in us.

We are all amazed at what the computer can do, at how technology can be so helpful and make some chores less stressful. How a microchip can contain so much, how a car can and will only start when it hears its owner’s voice, how you can be scanned and the scanner provides information of you down to your bones. How graphics & special effects can make the earth divide into two, how you press a button and millions of Dollars, Nairas and Pounds are transferred without you even moving, how you can have a conversation with someone at one end of the Earth (if it has) while you are at the tip of it, how planes keep making a mockery of gravity (kudos to the birds)… the  list is endless.

But take a pause, and let’s reason together, all these amazing inventions are products of ideas from individuals (Not aliens) with two legs, ten fingers, and ten toes. I don’t care what you have been told or what your IQ is, all that matters is the fact that you are special, you are a pacesetter, an inventor, a generation changer, and a big plus to mankind.

All these wonders are nothing compared to what we have not seen, nothing compared to that idea, that solution, that theory that will cause jaw dropping revolutions.  So when I say you are pregnant, I mean it, you are pregnant with ideas that can (will) solve countless problems.


Have you taken time to task your brain, to go beyond limits, to imagine dinner in the sky (like a Plane).  The truth is most humans die without even using 2% of their brains . What a colossal waste…. Ólorun máje (word to Dbanj).

They say the cemetery is the richest place on earth, don’t think there is anything as true as that. Imagine the solutions, ideas and innovations that are now useless, they would have solved a lot of problems.

So before your time comes, live your everyday life sharing solutions and using your brain (effectively, if I might add). There is an idea in you that can make that cancerous wife celebrate many more anniversaries with her husband, an idea that can make that boy with holes in his heart with dreams of being a lawyer see his dreams manifest, an idea that can make innovations of now seem childish, an idea that can put smiles on the faces of millions of people, an idea that can make living in this world of ours much more better, an idea that can bring the world to a standstill…an idea, a thought, a solution.

Its not a matter of a man’s size rather a matter of what he can deliver, its not a matter of how many times you have failed in what you do, its not a matter of your age, your status or your countless disappointments.

THERE IS SOMETHING IN YOU, even “Peak” knows that, so how come you don’t or you’ve  just choosen not to accept the truth that you are a great being, a game changer, an important addition to humanity.


 So what is your story – that your father is d poorest in his generation? That you are too dull, too small, too incapacitated, and too irresponsible or you are empty headed (well that is what you think) or you don’t have the stomach for that challenge?

No matter how long a step is, taking one step makes it shorter, no matter how strong a nail is there is a hammer that will drive it in.

If we could just look beyond our stories, beyond the mirages and we will see the clear road ahead, your case is never the worse; Ben Carson (the author of ‘ THINK BIG’ and ‘GIFTED HANDS’ and others) was the dullest student in his class at a time, Thomas Edison failed at the bulb a record 999times, Steve jobs (RIP) was a dropout like Bill Gates.

So come on & give birth, bring forth that child (idea), Nurture it, Carter for it and show it to the world.  It may seem impossible but look beyond the impossibility & have fun with possibility.

The world awaits you…Don’t let it down.  

P: S If you decide to fail, to keep and destroy that idea, you are not just killing yourself but you are killing millions of people too.


Yours & Yours

Rhuni Jim



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  1. Nice one dude.. God help us Utilize all our potentials b4 leaving planet Earth.. Kp it up bro, more grease to ur elbows..

  2. Nice piece. The article challenges the average mind. It is a wake up call for those who have decided to remain in their comfort zone.

  3. This is a great write up Rhuni Jim…
    You just spoke chapters in this brief write up and I can well tell you that you re on your way to becoming a great motivational writer.
    I love your approach to this topic and the manner with which you delivered it is to me so perfect.
    Humans are indeed born with God given talent imbedded inside of us but most at times we fail to see this, and those of us that even see it, don’t give it a chance to come to lime light….
    We have to start being innovative with the inbuilt ideas we have inside of us…..
    We need to start utilizing our brains to its limits….We need to get ourselves pregnant with ideas that make the world a better place, not just for ourselves but for all the inhabitants of the world…
    Great men and have come and gone, have played their parts and left marks, that we today still see, we need to like them, leave our own marks for our generation and generations unborn.
    Once more Rhuni, Kudos to you for this write up. You sure set a fire inside of me with this.
    God bless you as you pursue your career.
    Stay blessed.

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