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I know 360nobs.com will not post this article because of that D’banj ass kisser called Noble Igwe.

Since the rumours of a possible split in the MoHits camp started, I’ve watched other entertainment sites put up their opinion and I noticed there was nothing from 360nobs.com.  I would be very glad if you do decide to post this and of course respect the 360nobs clan a little more.

Here’s my take on the possible split of Mohits.

They say “20 friends cannot play together for 20 years” and I think the same applies to 2 friends. I am not a huge fan of Mohits, I am just a lover of good music (no pun intended).

We’ve watched Mohits grow from the “The boys from London who couldn’t define the koko” to “The men who could make Kanye West fly from Yankee to Jand without changing clothes

D’banj & Don Jazzy did what was considered “almost impossible”, they built a reputable record label on their own, putting the pieces together one after the other from their Koko mansion on the mainland to the Mohits mansion in Lekki.

I read different interviews were both (D’banj and Don Jazzy) said they had approached a lot of people and banks to assist them in setting up their record label but got no help. They only had two things; D’banj’s hand me down harmonica (God bless his brother’s soul) and Don Jazzy’s skills as a producer. They were the perfect couple; D’banj was the outspoken one and Don Jazzy was the quiet one (well, until he discovered twitter girls).

The duo gave us sweet music. Tune after tune. Don Jazzy’s beats changed the way we respond to Nigerian music and we couldn’t stop loving D’banj’s harmonica.

“Its Don Jazzy again” became the introduction to anything with the potential of making you move your legs in any situation. They gave us songs for every situation. “Olorun maje” for the anonymous commenter on LindaIkeji, “Loke” for every salary increase, “Why me?” for the likes of Sonia in Ghana, “Mobolowowon” for the blessing that is your family and friends”, “Fall in love” for our weddings. They gave us music like no other record label in recent times and it was a combined effort of both of them.

Don Jazzy is the beat magician, (yes; he’s a magician because anybody who can make the general public consider D’Prince as an artist is a magician) while D’banj played the role of the wonder boy.

All D’banj needed to do at any show was show up on stage to get all the camera phones in the hall to the front of the stage. He does not need to sing, talk or do anything. D’banj is a star in every language.

I’ve carefully followed the news/rumours for some time now and am yet to read any official statement from the Mohits team even though its being rumoured on twitter that Don Jazzy has moved into 1004. While I do not want to believe that the Mohits mansion is a rented apartment because I truly believe that people who ride in the type of cars they do, should own the properties they live in. After all, a Bentley can afford a building in Surulere or Ikorodu. I digress.

They work better as a team and should get together and settle any differences.

If there’s anything that requires work, I think it’s D’banj’s identity. Dude is like bipolar or something.

I will give money to anybody who can define the present D’banj. I remember the D’banj that used to appear on stage dressed in African clothing with a harmonica in hand. He used to start most of his performances by raising his two hands like Baba Fela.

He was the African dream and he had “Nigerian” written all over him.

There is a new D’banj and this one is trying to sell his Americaness to Nigerians with the excess PR. We don’t know this new D’banj here in Nigeria but he seems to be pushing his new image way too hard.

I know that the old D’banj can rock a heavily starched Agbada with Buba & Sokoto more than Kanye West but no matter how hard this new one tries, he can never rock denim better than same Kanye West. A perfect definition of “Shaki n shey bi ora, egungun shey bi eran”. Nobody takes sand to the beach and I strongly believe that the image of the old D’banj would have been catchier in the US more than the new one.

If what I read on the Ebony website is true, that interview must have been given by the new D’banj.

Mo’Hits should stay Mo’Hits. A breakup will cost us good music and pure entertainment. We miss the Don Jazzy that used to communicate through D’banj in public. We miss the Don Jazzy that used to walk around with his signature “walking stick” not the one in pyjamas.  We miss the D’banj that used to say that Don Jazzy played a huge role in his success. That one never referred to Don Jazzy as an artiste.

We don’t want to believe the rumours. Please tell us it’s a lie.

This is my opinion, feel free to disagree.

I hope this gets posted.

Written by Tunde A.



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  1. Love this write up! I absolutely love it…but Don Jazzy will be fine. There are very few Don Jazzy(s) in the world and eons of D’banj(s) in my opinion. The boy was a pretty face with nice muscles and an alright voice at best…we just need to find one of those…get him a dresser, some music instrument skills, and a swag coach a lá Justin Bieber. In my opinion, Don Jazzy is the talent and D’banj’s head has become way too inflated.
    Oju ti a ma fi woran o ni fo…we will see who comes out better on the side. I would bet a lot of good money that new D’banj will be sorry…I loves me some Kanye but how are the artistes on his record label doing?…thatś my point. I tolerated pretty boy, mumu D’banj because of the nice beats, Don Jazzy’s got that and lots of business acumen and silent swag, he’ll find a replacement singer, and the beats will go on. Fin.

  2. this write up is beautiful, i love it! D’banj’s case is definately that of excitement gone wrong. its the perfect case of “america oju e re?”…i love thiss..i really do

  3. If dis is rily tru den it means Dbanj has rily 4gettn dose dat help him climb d ladder to success!! Soo bad.Or mayb d americans hv hinted him wrongly dat he dosent need Don Jassy.Hmmmmmmmm

  4. 360nobs can u please hire this guy???????? i mean like immediately!!!!!!!!!!!! this is one of the best write ups i v ever read here so far.

  5. In as much as I like dis post I hate d idea of insulting noble igwe b’cos he is a friend to dem.p.s noble is not my dude bt I hate wen pple pick on people to gt noticied.so aw do u feel nw dt he decided to post and even considering to hire you.always gt ur fact rite before u talk.I’m out of here.tks

  6. lol so now everyone is blaming dbanj? please free the guy already btw i love both don jazzy and dbanj but if the split up is for the best there is nothing we can do…nigerians can like to judge a matter before they hear both sides.

  7. Nigerians and their innate propensity to judge before hearing the full gist from the horses mouth. Typical! Who knows if it’s a mutual agreement or a rift? None but the two because i’ll bet my skinny butt Wande, Sid and the minions are also a bit clueless- at least, nobody’s really talking (and twitter doesn’t really cut it).

    It could however be a marketing gimmick- remember destiny’s child?

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