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 “He who finds a wife finds a good thing”, yes that’s the cliché you hear when two people are about to get married, when in a marriage seminar, e.t.c

Now to the business of the day……. Something is wrong with our society, something so wrong even the ‘wrongest’ (if there is any word like that) of things will call it wrong.

Marriage is one school with no convocation, countless lectures, many carryover’s and innumerable tutorials. Marriage use to be the best thing that will ever happen to a man or woman as it were, people use to look forward to getting married.

Now marriage is like a fairytale story, a mirage, a school that most people don’t want to attend, a sermon they don’t want to hear, a song they don’t want to dance to, a presidential candidate they don’t want to vote for, a trip they don’t want to go on, an exam they don’t want to sit for, a book they don’t want to write in…….. I could go on.

These days, marriages take place, people celebrate, the families are happy, pastors bless the unions, fast forward to a week, a month, a year, 2-5years (if they try) and what you hear is; ‘He just changed’, ‘She just nags too much’, ‘He is shagging our maid’, ‘She runs after a university boy’, the reasons are countless like uncountable nouns.

Relationships or Marriages, whichever you call it don’t last long these days, some are so short even a midget will call it short; some are shorter than a BB Battery’s lifespan. Some happen so fast like F1 race cars but end up like jets with no brakes… The way relationships or marriages are crashing daily, we might just forget about plane crashes because marriage / relationships crashes will outnumber them enormously.

Now, like every problem there are questions to be asked, answers to be given (even though some and most questions may seem unanswerable)…

Who is to blame?
Are we to blame Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Online dating and other social networking sites where you can meet someone in a minute, know them the next hour, see their pictures instantly and you have a Date.

Are we to blame cheating men; men who last shown love to their wives on their wedding night; men who just do everything else wrong but get cheating right; men who don’t want to go out to the nearest boxing ring and knockout men their size; men who just can’t care for their families.

Are we to blame women who have a doctorate degree in nagging; women who love nothing but younger boys; women who are so troublesome anything they touch brings trouble? Are we to blame women who can’t look after their home; women who are so perfect that they find everything else wrong with their spouses?

Are we to blame the Government & Society for not providing jobs; for breeding half baked men and women; Schools for not teaching about marriages, relationships and endurance; Pastors, Priests for not praying, preaching enough…

Are we to blame the World for being too technological; for moving too fast; for bringing new patterns of living life; tribes, religions for being a case study; money for being too important; the human race for being insatiable; life for being too vain….

At the end of the day, it’s not a matter of who is to blame; it’s about taking responsibility for our actions, learning to talk things over, opening our eyes to see that we are not perfect; tolerating one another; learning to be patient and above all learning to share the greatest gift of all “LOVE”.  

The World, Society, Government will surely be a better place with all of the above and most importantly LOADED with LOVE, HOPE and FAITH. Patience isn’t a virtue just for the heck of it.  But make sure you use your head and not just your heart before you take that VOW.

P.S: Feel free to add whatever you think is left out, we all know it’s an imperfect world but trying is harmless……


Yours & Yours

Rhuni Jim




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  1. Hmm! nice article.
    I think b4 1 gets married, he or she shld understand dat his/her spouse was born nd brought up in different backgrnd nd as such dey av different ways of reasonin nd handlin tins…. There is no perfect being out there, hence, we shld stop lukin 4 a perfect attribute frm our spouse but rather learn how 2 live nd go on wit their wrongs/faults (dats true love).
    Keep it up friend………. Its a nice 1!

  2. Nice piece!!! if only pple can look inward & be real in their relationships; then many of these breaks-up would have been avoided.

  3. Nice Article.

    Marriage has now become a compulsory feat for anyone between the ages of 22-30 to accomplish in this part of the world and that’s the problem – our society.

    People fail to get married for the right reasons and that explains the cause of failed marriages.

  4. nice piece.
    il say love doesnt conquer all in relationships/marriages.
    u need to work hard at stayin 2geda. and work hard to keep d love.
    lots of tns go down, u c girls writting on tweeter about how dey love urhusband and how dey r thinkin of having an affair wit him.
    both d girl/boy wil do things to piss d oda person off and trust me, ul get pissed.
    u jst have to b determined to make things work.
    il blame most breakups on ‘ppl not trying’
    or ‘not wanting to go out of their way/accommodate their partners’

    we shd all keep in mind couples r from different backgrouds and therefore grew up wit different thots/logic/reasoning.

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