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I personally love this collection, because of the way colors are being played with, love the touch of denim on some of the pieces, as it transforms the ensemble totally – giving some of the looks a slightly rough edge to the prettiness.  It’s a very vibrant collection with that TOPSHOP playfulness we love.

The good thing about this collection is that the pieces are pretty easy to mix and match.  Each piece from this collection basically makes its own statement.  I have my favourite looks from this collection of pictures and I am sure you’ll also have yours.

For those of you who didn’t know or are not yet aware that denim has found its way back into our fashionable hearts, it’s so “BACK”, so make sure you go grab one this season or you’ll be sorry…LOL.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you….ehen…LOL.


Look for these sets of hearts on my favourite looks.

Ok….enough said, before I bore you with my lust for this collection. Please enjoy the pictures just as I have, and get shopping!!!! The collection should be in all TOPSHOP stores this week. Check out topshop.com for instant updates.



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