360Fashion for Men: The Death Of Swag And Rejuvenation Of Class!

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A good number of you must have seen the poster that says “SWAG IS FOR BOYS. CLASS IS FOR MEN.” like the one below. Well, I would like you to understand that in the fashion sense this doesn’t mean “Thou shalt wear tuxes/suits with ties/bowties and oxford shoes every single time”; in other words, it doesn’t mean that you should dress like the C.E.O of a bank when you intend to pull all the stops in the name of being “classy”.  Even some formal clothes when worn don’t look as classy as they should; it’s all in that added touch of sophistication.

Before I continue, I would like for you to consider which you are (boy or man), without thinking of the picture. It is important that you know which category you belong to so you can relate to the rest of this article accordingly. And your category has nothing to do with your age since it is not new to see a grown man like LiL Wayne in those skinnies & things and young ones like Jonas brothers in much more smarter outfits like blazers, ignore the difference in race, it has to do with your personal style.  Like I quoted in my second write up, “Start simple and expand according to lifestyle. Classics don’t mean boring.”  I will not throw clothes and trends at you and force you to wear them; I will only help guide your style to fit the fashion of these days.

Lil Wayne in his skinnes and boxers.
Jonas Brothers

The meaning of the phrase “Swag is for boys. Class is for men” simply translates into “Sophistication is the key accessory”. Observing recent(maybe a few years) Menswear runway collections from major fashion houses you will notice there is more attention to detail in  what they put out there as fashion creators and leaders.  Collections are filled with all sorts of bold, playful clothes and accessories with an air of ‘preppiness’ by including classic items such as leather bags, khakis, oxford shoes or anything that just gives that little hint of sophistication and class.  Thanks to all of this, it’s now okay to mix casual and formal fashion, and I think you men should take advantage of it.

Runway 1: Khakis taking a centre stage rather than jeans or denim.
Runway 2: Smart Casual outfits which you can also use as separate pieces. The 3rd image with the model wearing a green velvet blazer is a winner almost any occasion even if its just travelling.

In the above runway pictures, there is clearly the use of bold colours,  the paring of  casual T-shirts and shorts, rolled suit jacket, a polo shirt with suit and the mix of  smart velvet blazer with pair of smart denim trousers.  These casual looks can never be compared to the t-shirt, jeans and a pair of pam slippers look.  There is that air of sophistication especially with the  choice of fabrics used (Khakis for shorts rather than  Jeans), other ways of wearing your smart suits casually and the use of accessories such as bags. “Swag” is what Soulja boy and Lil Wayne wear and “Class” is what the likes of  Uti Nwachukwu, Lynxxx, Mai Atafo, or Ne-Yo will wear. Of course the event attended would determine how smart or how casual, at the end of it all its about having clean lines.

The Gentlemen: Ne-Yo, Uti, Mai Atafo and Lynxxx

There are different ways in which you can step up your style game to  move from boys to men.  Below are pictures of  simple ways to make this classy change with items you might already have in your wardrobe.

The above picture is a typically casual look, a formal shirt and jeans but wearing the leather animal print bow tie adds a little bit of  edge to an otherwise ordinary look. Its a look you can try on a lazy weekday or weekend for a small event or just hanging out with friends.

This is just simple; Jeans, a light sweat cardigan(for those in non-tropical climates) and a collarless shirt – kinda what you wear to take a girl to the cinema. Collarless shirts are a great substitution for collared shirts – as long as they are fitted. They actually a great sexual appeal, either buttoned up or buttoned down a little.

Here is a classic Semi-Formal look; whether to a friend’s dinner or the club, its a dapper look.  This would have been an ordinary look with the polo shirt and khaki trousers but wearing the fitted check print blazer(rolled sleeves makes the look a little less too serious – which is a good balance) complete with a chocolate brown pocket square takes the look up a few notches. Print or Coloured blazers are a good way to make an ordinary outfit have a great wow factor and a pocket square just says you are a complete gentleman and you know your fashion. This is a look you can try out conveniently.

Coloured suit, An all white outfit(PLEASE DON'T BUTTON DOWN YOUR SHIRT this much unless you’re fit and have no chest hair),

These looks are different ways you can create semi formal looks.  The leather folder and bags are great elements which takes the outfits from ordinary to stylish.

This is an example of how you can put a spin on a very formal look without taking off the aura of sophistication. Naturally, this look would include a formal suit  jacket and stylish smart shoes like Oxfords, but it was toned down with a pair of loafers and rolled up sleeves on the shirt as well as rolled up trousers.  This is a one way you can turn one great look into 2 different ones to suit day and evening or night for two different events.  Perhaps you have just attended an awards show or a wedding and would love to go clubbing later…this is a great one to try.  It’s a very sexy look.

I have taken you through different ways in which you can easily try without any fuss. If you notice some of these items were included in the “10 Fashion Must Haves For Men” so you see that we are on track here. 🙂

Note: Women generally love men that can dress up. They love Men that are stylish and well presented always.  For women, its always about CLASS and not ‘SWAG’. .

So which do you have or choose to have, SWAG or CLASS?



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