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When Nobz suggested this idea to me, I had this blank look on my face and I thought ‘What’s my business with public places and their restrooms rooms?’

Then, I braced myself and decided to do it for the fun it.  What I saw on my visit to some of these public restrooms had me shocked.  Asking myself ‘Do the owners of these establishments really expect us to use these places?’  and my instant reaction was the person who does the routine checks for these places should be fired or perhaps locked in  the particular restroom for a day as punishment.

Here is a big welcome to your 360LATRINE POLICE column and my job is to inspect public places and their restrooms rooms and make sure they are in good condition for public use.  You the reader/s would also help in voting for your worst or your cleanest RESTROOMS in and around Lagos. You never know, I might be visiting a restroom near you.

Feel free to drop comments on places we should inspect and place your votes too.  Let’s see if some of these images would eventually reach the powers that be and the necessary changes would be made so RESTROOMS are kept in excellent sanitary standards for public use.


Pictures from other states in Nigeria and international restrooms are also welcome – send yours to submission@360nobs.com 

Here are the pictures of CITYMALL, Onikan and OZONE CINEMA, Yaba. You are the jury, what say thee?

Pictures from other states in Nigeria and international restrooms are also welcome – send yours to submission@360nobs.com 



Happy Child here...As long as you can't see past my shades,my opinion is my opinion better still if you disagree drop a comment.


  1. This is one of those ideas that seem great in thought but in actuality, its awful.

    No one wants 2 see pictures of dirty bathrooms and cast votes on them.

  2. If ozone dint make ths list, I”d hv taken tym off werk to go tke a pix nd snd it in..totally off!! Chek out SSlounge..toilet mkes me wanna pee-too kool!

  3. @moi, I’m sure Ozone toilet is cleaner than ur house toilet.. Coming here to form as if uve never carried toilet brush before..ode

  4. I really hope that owners of establishments get embarrassed into cleaning their toilets up. If we can’t get great customer service, we can at least use the toilet with dignity. Bubba, visit the intĺ airport toilets…I doubt our leaders will be shamed into cleaning that place up though. Lagos Country Club needs a paint job, but their toilets are excellent.

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