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As the 360LATRINE POLICE, my job is to inspect public restrooms and make sure they are in good condition for public use.  As readers and users of these toilets, you would also help in voting for your WORST or CLEANEST RESTROOM in and around Lagos. You never know, I might be visiting a restroom near you.

Feel free to drop comments, on places we should inspect.  Let’s see if some of these images would eventually reach the powers that be and the necessary changes would be made so RESTROOMS are kept in excellent sanitary standards for public use.

Pictures from other states in Nigeria and international restrooms are also welcome – send yours to submission@360nobs.com

Today, I have pictures of  Munchies, Idowu Taylor Branch and  Ecobank Ogudu Branch, Lagos.  

Thank you for dropping by.



Happy Child here...As long as you can't see past my shades,my opinion is my opinion better still if you disagree drop a comment.

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