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Our 360Fashion STYLE DIARY this week would feature  FUNFERE KENIYE KOROYE, a graduate student of Domus Academy in Milan. An avid lover for fine art, fashion and the process of creating objects.  He has been featured on over 20 websites and numerous magazines.  He is also the founder of  FusionKelvar which primarily focuses on editorials, product design, product photography, street style and lifestyle. Stay Inspired.

Funfere’s 360Fashion Style Diary: Day 3.  (Check out  Day 2 of Funfere’s 360Fashion Style Diary here).

Coloured denim seems to have made its way from skateboarders to grown men in the last year. Well guess what, I was a skateboarder and I didn’t even have to go out and search for them.  These have been in my closet since 2009 (probably), so I took a walk in them.
Fusion Kelvar

I paired off the Red slim fit denim with Greys and Blacks, no need to match with any other primary colors and look like a box of primary school paint.
Fusion Kelvar

The Spiked Leopard print Bow-tie is there to accompany the studded shoes (up close pictures below), which are probably the most iconic shoes in the last 5 years. (Note:the first person to wear these was Michael Jackson)

An up-close look at the spiked Leopard print bow tie.
Spiked shoes (CL)

The Blue and Gold Hermes leather bracelet compliments the bow tie also, but it’s not always shown, it makes an appearance only when I want it to.

The Blue & Gold Hermes leather bracelet
Fusion Kelvar
The leather bracelet making an appearance again briefly.

Maybe you live in a hotter country, well, just replace the shirt and vest with a plain white v neck t-shirt. It has to be fitted so the blazer sits nicely, keep everything else the same and you have an overall successful coloured denim look.

Check out Day 2 of Funfere’s 360Fashion Style Diary here
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Nerdy Fashionista, hopeless shopaholic, shamelessly vain and a firm believer in "ALWAYS" looking fabulous even through her hectic & frustrating role as a Bio. Engineer. Nurturing a secret crush on all fashionable Men, she wishes she'd have a Men's fashion line one day. Her glasses and confidence are her best accessories regardless of countless jewelry and cute shoes and bags. Be sure to trust fashion through her eyes! @toekunbore: don't be shy to say hi on twitter!


  1. woooot woooooooot! those spike shoes are loubs right?
    my best look so far! its more ‘me’ and more of what i’ll like to see grown men dressed in. not a huge fan of the waist coat though, but hey what do i know…hehe

  2. Unique,fresh and incredible style….but his a rich kid making waves…let hear a naija boy from mushi or agege…touring d world of fashion then I will be gingered!!!noble am looking for from rags to riches stories here!!!!

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