360Fashion presents SOUZA’s ‘IT-GIRL’ Lookbook 2012.

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She eats, sleeps, even breathes GLAM….she’s The IT-GIRL.  ‘The IT-GIRL’ is a collection of glamorous and stylish looks for every kind of girl. The idea behind the collection is to give every girl that feeling of a domineering presence, much like when celebrities get when spotted on the red carpet or even a glamour magazine.

SOUZA believes in exploring the various shades to a woman. Hence, one will find that the collection comprises of dresses, jumpsuits and tops that define each model’s identity while still achieving that ‘IT’ look.

The shoot was styled by Damola Adeyemi and the photos were shot by Lolu Osinbajo.

Francisca Da-Souza, creative designer for SOUZA.

For  more details about Souza;

Website: www.souzafashion.com

Email: dasouza_tolu@yahoo.com

Phone: 0816 545 7244; 0708 561 6670

Follow on twitter: @souzafashions



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