360Fashion for Men: CROP IT!

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Whether flipping through GQ magazine, or exploring look books or attending fashion shows, you must have observed the ankle-baring look (which means that the length of trousers nowadays are made to end just above the ankle), and the most common way that this is done is by cropping your trousers/pants.

Bare ankles with cropped colored pants

Fashion Fact: The cropped pants are a reinvented trend, it’s been around since the 18th century). 

Cropping was initially thought to carry certain inherent faux pas but the modern fashion has begged to differ, proving that practically all textiles are cuff-friendly *though I’m not sure about wool*; it is even acceptable to crop shorts.

Cropped denim shorts

I really don’t know the reason for the sudden love for exposing the ankles or socks but it is very stylish and I think it’s good for a place like Nigeria since it is so tropical and we’re trying to expose more parts of our bodies in response to the heat.

Here are some images to show how its worn, so you step out looking on point when you try your new look. 

It best suits those with SLIM, so if your ankles are thick try cropping right on/below the ankle bone instead of cropping above it.

Cropped denim trousers right on the ankles.

ONLY straight styled pants can be cropped. You definitely can’t crop any pants with flare bottoms.

Cropped corduroy boot leg, it looks fairly tacky. DON'T TRY THIS.

It is all about FIT: the key to doing this right is with slim/straight denim, khakis and chinos, corduroys, cargos and, if you are daring, you can even try it with your slim suit pants *it works too*.  But it is all about fit; the fit will either make or break this look for you.

Cropped suit pants/trousers

This look can be taken advantage of by including SOCKS; not just any pair of socks but statement making socks (patterned/coloured). Don’t hesitate to include plaid, polka dotted or bold striped pairs. This tip is best adopted with suit pants or khakis – fashion risks are healthy if you can pull them off.  Also try the look on a pair of jeans or coloured pants.

Colored/patterned pairs of socks.
Neat tailored suit accented with bright red socks.

For SHOES; the outfit determines the shoes to be worn. Be it coloured Brogues, boots, loafers, sneakers or what have you, it just has to flow with the whole outfit.

Cropped khaki trousers/pants worn with a pair of Toms canvas slip-ons.
Cropped khakis worn with a pair of leather hi-tops (Sneakers).
Cropped trousers/pants worn with a pair of Brogues and bright pink socks.
Cropped suit trousers/pants worn with a pair of laced Bluchers and no socks.

For those of you who are brave enough, add a manbag or a man-purse to your look. No one goes around with “just” a wallet these days.

Cropped look with a manbag.

This look is cool and I hope you like it, it’s not a necessity to crop your pants/trousers, so if you don’t like it you don’t have to; you’ll still look SEXY without CROPPING it.



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