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Shoes are a significant part of our outfits, they quite literally make or break the dress. Ever seen a girl in a super fitting denim pants and sultry blouse, only to gaze down and become instantly disappointed in her choice of footwear? Yes, I know that feeling.

As a super busy career oriented female myself, I always find myself dashing out the door for work and literally grabbing any pair of shoes I lock my eyes on first.  It’s simple; if you are not immaculately organized, your feet will forever look like you wore your shoes in the dark.

The best method to organizing your shoes so that you can quickly get an eye full of your footwear collection is simple; COLOUR COORDINATION.  

Below is a practical example of someone I helped in transforming her shoe closet from BORING to WOW with the help of some tips you would equally find useful.

Gbemi’s shoe rack BEFORE

From all the pictures you have seen so far, all you can see are PAIRS and PAIRS of shoes everywhere waiting to be properly arranged and colour coordinated, lovingly.

This is where the Shoe Closet transformation begins.

I started with the colour BLACK because it’s the most versatile and neutral colour, hence you want to get an immediate glance of all your BLACK shoes when dressing up.

After all the BLACK shoes were lined, I immediately began placing shoes according to their colour tones. Purple shoes, then pink shoes, then green shoes followed.  So for example; if you have put together a colour block outfit and you need a pair of green shoes to finish off the look all you have to do is quickly glance through your row of green shoes to make your decision. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Another trick I used is what I like to call; The front and back quick view. So you’re going for a picnic, you want to wear heels but you don’t want a pair that will sink into the soft grass all afternoon. Instead of deciding on a colour and then trying them on to test their practicality, arrange your shoes as I have done for Gbemi.  Place a foot facing you and another foot with the heel facing you. This way, you can immediately see what you are working with.

So what are you waiting for? GET ORGANIZING!



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