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It is the 18th of February, time is 6am and I’m rushing to the airport in order to catch my 7:30 flight to Abuja. My eyes are itchy and there are bags underneath showing a lack of good sleep. I’m tired, I’m frustrated and all I want to do is crawl back into bed…But alas I cannot do that.  I’ve looked forward to this trip for a long time now. I have slaved away in the gym, went for evening jogs on the estate and generally tried to keep my self in the best shape possible.  It is PLAY’s 4th Annual Pool Party and the hype has been impressive.  At the airport on time and checked in. Tired and grumpy.

We get to Abuja but couldn’t land because other planes had to do so before us. Turns out they’ve closed down the local wing and so all departures are from the international wing.  I’m muttering to myself already regretting my decision to leave Lagos. Plane finally lands with a strange thud and I run through the gates and into  a cab.  First stop, home – to drop my luggage. Second stop, PLAY LOUNGE.

As usual the venue of the pool party has been kept a secret, we were only requested to show up at PLAY LOUNGE by 2pm. I’m an hour ahead of the scheduled time – fantastic.  But there is a huge crowd already – WOW!  Hundreds of cars, Ladies in skimpy outfits and some in heels (why would you wear heels to a POOL PARTY?!), Good looking guys(a few without shirts – HOT) complimenting the scenery.   I have just spotted the artiste, Rilwan of Play records and I am about to eagerly take a picture with him.

Picture sorted.  Thirty minutes later the convoy rolls out.  We have basically closed down the road and caused traffic. *HUGE GRIN*. We have onlookers from other cars bewildered by what is going on.   😀

Finally at the secret location and its looking like something out of a PDiddy’s video.  Huge white gates and exotic cars parked inside.  We all make a trail to the back of the mansion. PLAY has put up a barbeque stand and there is a bar filled with all sorts of alcohol. There is also a mocktails stand for the non-alcoholic drinkers.


I have just been thrown into the pool. I see water guns of all sizes.  Ladies are screaming as they either doused with water or thrown into the pool.  A water volley ball contest is already under-way and within minutes the pool is packed. As PLAY stated in the invites “We do not guarantee that you would have fun, but we guarantee that you will get wet”.  

 THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST POOL PARTY EVER. But, what do I know right?  Enjoy the pictures and drop your comments.

Words by ONYINYE.

New pictures have been added from this point.

That’s all folks!!!




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  1. This Pool party was way more packed than these pictures reveal. It was my first and hopefully not my last. Mad fun all the way.

  2. Ermmmmmm….. No comment. Nice photography work bt the guys no try at all…. I saw men fully dressed while d gals dressed fr d occasion. It was a pool party, nt a carnival dudes.

  3. but if your stomachs aren’t flat, why oh why will you bare them to the world??? its offensive yo!!!!
    loooool at that big woman trying to pull an equally big man into the pool.
    loooked like fun, i should come for one of these pool parties..hehehe!

  4. Looked like a fun filled pool party 2 me. Loved d way most of d gurls kept their body issues aside 2 wear their bikinis. I admire such confidence. Wish I was ther 🙁 Isoken and nicole, I c u gurls 🙂

  5. Play always throws the best pool parties. I went for the fist two and i couldn’t believe people actually threw all inhibition to the wind and wore bikinis and swam. In lagos, NO ONE swims. Everyone go dey form.

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