360Downloads: DJ Dirty B Presents “The Afro-Tape”

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Dj Dirty B is undoubtedly one of the most talented youngsters in our generation. The UK born and Nigerian raised Disc Jockey had an early start in the music industry when he started compiling songs and burning them onto CDs for aunties and uncles’ cars. Schooling In Nigeria, his natural attraction was to Afrobeats and West African Music in genre of Hip-hop\R&B. After a while, he realised it was not enough to just listen to songs and replay them, but slowly started remixing and editing popular songs to suit certain crowds.

At the prestigious Stonyhurst College, he stood out among his peers as the most informative on the latest songs, beats and albums, which made his fellow mates, give him the title ‘DJ Dirty B’. His regular sampling of the latest tunes and recurrent remixes of songs made his iTunes Library the most popular around the college, as people waited daily to gain access to it.

He DJ’d at a series of events, including Nigerian day celebrations and After-party’s in College and University. His skill in handling music was enhanced by his keen understanding of IT, enabling him to know how to take advantage of the best software for mixing his music.

He is now currently studying Business Information Technology at Aberystwyth University as he balances his academic work with his passion for music. He has hosted a number of gigs in Preston, Wales and Royal Holloway. His most recent work is the ‘The Afro Tape’, a mixtape of different songs that is already rumoured to rival the mixtapes of some of the best UK DJs. Music to him is more than just a hobby, but now resonates from him in everything he does. DJ Dirty B is definitely one to give you a night you will never forget.





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