What These 14 Celebrities Want For Valentine’s Day

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Woohoo!!! It’s Valentine’s day! (Even though I think its overrated …LOL)

Yup! The 14th of February is a day that has been set aside to celebrate and explore love in all of its many ideals.

This is my special Valentine feature and I bring to you 14 celebrities from the entertainment industry who have revealed their PREVIOUS VALENTINE EXPERIENCES, how they intend to spend THIS VALENTINE and what would make a PERFECT VALENTINE’S GIFT.

Ready? *drum roll* In no particular order!


My previous valentine experience was in Venice with the one I love. This year, I am too busy getting ‘Lami Season‘ started, so I will be somewhere cozy in Naija with the one I love, good food and laughter.

My perfect valentine’s gift, erm… A shopping spree in Italy (I’m jonzing) hahaha.


I sincerely have never had a proper valentine experience. Over the years, I never came to terms with all the hoo-ha about valentine. Don’t understand why there is so much emphasis placed on the gifts.

I consider myself a hopeless romantic and I’m very spontaneous so the gifts or presents is not something I wait for a particular occasion to share.

This valentine, I’ll most probably be working. I might be swept away by someone special. My perfect valentine’s gift would be having ‘I LOVE YOU EVA‘ on a pretty rock harvested from the bottom of a lake/stream. I would be so flushed!


Lmao! Are you sure you want to know? Last valentine, I was busy sulking and watching my bestie prepare for her date with her bobo. smh

This valentine, Me I am making money performing that day.

My perfect valentine’s gift. Hmmm, a house in the south of France. LOL! Okay really,just being with the one I love.


I am not really big on valentine, to me, its a season to fetch some money from the few love songs in my album. LOL

Last valentine, I was pregnant and working most of the day. This valentine, I would still work but make out time to spend with ‘the man’

My ideal gift? Errrr, I haven’t thought about that, let it just remain a surprise.


I am not a valentine kinda girl, I believe you should treat your partner special all the time, so for me its like every other day.

This valentine, if I’m not working, I will just chill, do something special. Its the little things that matter.

I don’t believe in exchanging gifts only on valentine’s day, so I don’t have a perfect valentine’s gift.


I have always believed in celebrating love everyday so I am not the usual “valentine’s day” customer. However, its almost a ritual to source for the best florists/flowers, rare chocolates, cards and surprises.

This valentine ultimately will be an ordinary day filled with extraordinary thoughts, words and …. ACTION!

I already have my perfect valentine’s gift and I’m not telling.


My previous valentine experience…. Honestly, nothing memorable.

I’ve got no plans for this valentine.

My perfect valentine’s gift… I just want to be happy everyday and so that’s what I wish for


My previous valentine, hmm… I must say I am not good at keeping dates. I was home that morning, woke up to loads of text messages, then I knew it was valentine. Hooked up with friends later for drinks and that was all.

I intend to spend this valentine with my girl, if I’m not working.

My perfect valentine’s gift will be a book by Harold Robins. I love to read and discover new things.


My previous valentine experience, I was actually working, hosting a valentine night for GreyGoose. My boyfriend at that time was in London, he organized roses to be sent to me which was thoughtful.

This valentine, I will be in Atlanta with one of my closest and oldest friends, helping to pick a wedding dress. We will probably treat ourselves to a SPA day as we’ll be tired from trying on dresses.

My perfect valentine’s gift would be a trip somewhere. I love to travel. A long weekend of R and R 🙂


Last valentine, funny enough I was working all day but had a very nice time at dinner with my sisters.

This valentine, I would be working as well, afterwards I plan to hangout with some kids in my neighbourhood 🙂

My perfect valentine’s gift would be a black, custom made Range Rover 2012 Model. LOL


My previous valentine experience was at work. Fun day with my colleagues, then I joined my friends later in the evening for a mini valentine dinner. It was cool, not romantic but interesting to see how people care for each other.

Hopefully this year I’ll spend valentine differently. Since its on a tuesday, I might just do karaoke with someone special.

My perfect valentine’s gift will be The Bleu De Chanel cologne and a pair of boots


Hmmmm…If I tell you I HONESTLY cannot remember, would that be bad??

I wasn’t dating anyone then but I probably got flowers/chocs/requests to spend the evening etc, however nothing memorable. I probably worked that day actually. Does that sound sad?? Lol

This year valentine, I will be out of the country. No idea what I’d be doing, as I haven’t really thought about it. My situation has changed from last year, but nothing has been planned as of yet. We’ll see! 😉

There are many things I could think about as a perfect valentine’s gift like a G5 or luxurious ship with my full name on it and the keys,
or to wake up in Barbados and go asleep in Paris 😉 but on the real and most important, REALISTICALLY – just health, success and real
committed love. I think that is what ANYONE wants at the end of the day.


Last valentine, I was stuck in Dubai. I had travelled to host a major concert and as everyone was begging me to stay back and exceed my planned departure, I did, only for the f**ls to ignore me on Vals day. Omo I bone face ehn… So I went on a mad shopping spree. In d course of my waka-jugbe movements , I ran into a couple of single peeps (an Arabian guy, Tunisian girl, Zambian girl, Yemen dude and a Swedish lady in her early 40s) who all felt Valentine sucked!  So we formed a serious coalition and shopped till we dropped, went to watch a sloppy movie, did a bit of karaoke and hung out at an exotic bar.

This year,I’m workin again (as usual, #rollin my eyes) but then I’ll jst go spend time with my family jare. I hardly ever get the time to do that but I’m seriously gonna make this happen with loads of surprises.

My perfect valentine’s gift would be The gift of one wish to wish for a million more wishes!


I don’t celebrate valentine’s day. I don’t believe in setting out a day for something you can do anytime you want.

This valentine will be a regular work day, wont be doing anything special.

However, my perfect valentine’s gift would be a CD compilation of long lost songs.

Have a lovely valentine’s day!



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  1. Derele is just awesome! He is such an interesting personality that he’s a hurricane on evri writeup! He just stole the spotlight, save for Wizkid and perhaps Darey that I know!
    Keep runnin his interviews, he rocks and good job Titi! Love ur blog

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