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There are few stories that would make a sleepy head like me stay up all night to write and one of these is 2Face proposing to a lady and not just any lady but to an on and off lover, Annie Macaulay.

I have always made fun of 2face’s promiscious acts not that it affects the respect I have for him.  Now my respect has skyrocketed because he took a bold step and put a ring on it! Annie Macaulay has been with 2face right from his plantashaun boys days to when he became the father of 6 kids from 3 different women and now I guess her persistence has paid off, if the report from my source(yes, my mysetry source) and the report on twitter is to be taken seriously.

We are still waiting for an official statement from 2face’s camp, his other baby mamas (Sumbo and Pero) and when we do we’ll bring it straight to you like we always do. To all the ladies who were fasting and praying so 2face will make them his true love y’ αll can channel your energy to the next big thing – Me.



I'm Ese Andre, a 300level international relations student of Delsu, i am passionate about Nigeria & entertainment is my cup of tea and since i can do what celebs do i've decided to talk about it!


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