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The new YEMISII collection titled THE HARMONY OF CONTRASTS pushes the boundaries of imagination while remaining elegant and highly sophisticated.

It was launched on the 4th of December 2011 at the Victoria Crowne Plaza in Lagos, Nigeria.
THE HARMONY OF CONTRASTS is an exploration of the fusion of opposites in creating a concept of balance. The idea celebrates that point where opposing realities merge completely, resulting in a unique and beautiful piece of unexpected innovation. (Creative Director, Yemisi Makinde)
Comprising handmade leather handbags and jewelry, the pieces are made out of exotic high quality natural vegetable tanned leathers with rich deeply embossed textures and patterns (which makes the leathers look more exotic as it ages). There are also pieces made from buttery soft calf-skins and sheep suede, as well as jewelry made from high grade semi precious gem stones, precious metals and swarovski crystals, each specially selected for their uniqueness.  And the best thing is every YEMISII piece is handmade to an utmost high level of craftsmanship besides the name given to each piece.
Here are the uniquely designed pieces to covet. Enjoy.
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts: ALANI (Multi strand iridescent swarovski crystal collar necklace)
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts: BROOKE
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts: LENORA
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts: NINA
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts: NALA
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts: MIA
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts: IEVA
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts: TRINITY (Tooled leather)
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts
Yemisii's Harmony of Contrasts: ZOE
Yemisii’s Harmony of Contrasts: A MESSAGE FROM THE DESIGNER/CEO




Twitter: @yemisii

For more info  go to
Tel: 234 8024600248 (Lagos); +13129618579 (California)
Or you can follow her on 



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