The Club Bar and Restaurant Awards 2012 …It’s time to cast your Votes

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The Club Bar and Restaurant Awards only come around once a year, and we celebrate the best and brightest clubs, bars and restaurant on the Lagos scene. Along with the people that make the industry what it is.

Known as the biggest and most important annual soirée dedicated exclusively to the nightlife and hospitality industry, the award ceremony will see Lagos’s top entrepreneurs don their best party frocks and gather on June 13, for a night of raucous back slapping, shoulder rubbing, shock wins, disappointment and friendly rivalry.

Club, bar and restaurant owners, promoters, DJs, event organisers, venue managers, showbiz impresarios, together with their glamorous entourage, glittering clientele, and loyal disciples will congregate for a lavish drinks reception and dinner comprised of the “who’s who” of Lagos’s nightlife scene.

Who wins? You decide. Register your Opinion Vote now for a chance to win a ticket.

Vote Now or Stay In!!!



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