The Buki de l’Azaria Collection

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The Azaria female is a mysterious blend of uber-confidence and high glamour. Shes a Lady on a mission. Never one to be caught unawares she’s a go getter who knows what she wants and approaches life with absolute gusto. Her world is full of colour, glamour, love and exuberance!

Since 2003, the Azaria brand has been dishing super-cool leather accessories to the Nigerian market. With products ranging from snakeskin passport holders to croc-print clutches to corporate-branded leather chequebook holders. Oooh, let’s not forget to mention that famous ‘it’ bag of 2007. The Azaria ‘vudu’ bag which was fondly renamed the ‘shag’ bag by the Lagos ‘it’ girls that each clamored for a piece (then later came back for it in other colours). Azaria has been featured in Genevieve, True Love, Encomium, Clam, Moments with Mo, New Dawn, Style Me and loads more.

In 2012, we witness the birth of the Buki de l’Azaria clothing collection which features blazers sans buttons, lounge jackets, evening dresses for the ultimate in luxury dining. Theres a lot of brocade and cotton mixes. Look out for the flirty, frilled bum shorts.

This current Buki de l’Azaria collection is vibrant, fun and flirty, yet retaining that mature element of luxury. The mood and the hues are red, green and blue symbolizing the boldness that is the New Africa.



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