Oye AKD’s Valentine Surprise: Lami ft Mocheddah and Kel – Baby

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360 No Bullsh*t is proud to give you an awesome Valentine Music Gift!

It’s certainly been a while since I heard anything new from Lami; seems like she locked herself up in the lab, to cook up a storm for her new project.

I’m sorry Lami, I just had to release this cos u’ve starved ur fans way too long and we have been impatiently waiting.

When u get a track from the man with the bag of goodies that has Lami, Mocheddah and Kel on it …u know u can’t help but drop it on Valentine’s Day for my #teamWeLuvGoodMusic. Thank God that SOPA isn’t in existence yet cos my Guerilla unit just dropped a hawt potato on my lap(top).

The song takes me back into my favourite music era of the 90s where SWV, TLC, MC Lyte, Jade  were all doing their thang and making u press repeat on your tape players.

This sweet sounding, head bumping, easy swaying song is laced with a dope beat that seems get set, ready, go for 32 bars of pure fiyah;  by the way, KelMocheddah and  Lami (yes Lami) all drop barz on this.

Have no idea who produced this, but will keep you informed once I find out.

Can’t wait for her new album to drop. #Winning

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Yup! Get familiar!

Lami ft Mocheddah and Kel – Baby(tagged)


  Lami ft Mocheddah and Kel - Baby(tagged) (3.8 MiB, 1,986 hits)



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  1. 360 can like to leak songs sha …remember everyday is for the leaker …
    Song doesnt sound mastered and yet i already like the song. Lami rapping …that s a treat

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