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This year, fashion is becoming more and more demure, classy and incredibly sophisticated. Hemlines are gravitating towards the grown and the act of exposing your cleavage or showing too much skin is so uncool and out dated.

This season, brings us the introduction of the Peter Pan collar. It was an incredibly conservative look worn in the 50s with full midi skirts, complete with monochrome brogues and white socks (talking about leaving everything to the imagination).

This year however, the Peter Pan collar is taking a modern twist by favouring shorter hemlines and an edgier style combo to give it an extra flare.

This year, Peter Pan collars are created with shorter dresses for a fun effect.

Another modern twist to this trend is mixing it with mesh fabric to create a fabulous night time look.

Can’t find a Peter Pan collar that takes your fancy? Take a que from high street stores such as TopShop and create your own collar complete with beautiful beading.


This trend is all about the oldest fashion rule in the book; the balancing effect. So while your top half looks conservative and demure, you should balance your bottom half by showing some skin. A pleated skirt or short shorts are the best way to go, as your outfit will give off easy breezy vibes.



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