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The collection for the iamISIGO Spring/Summer 2012 is called LXX, LXX is the Roman numeral representation of the number 70, the S/S 2012 iamISIGO collection is a 70s themed collection with little twists here and there. We focused on soft tailoring for this collection, with vibrant colours like yellow, poppy, grass, ink and the ever present black.

Currently based in Paris and Nigeria, the iamISIGO S/S 2012 collection was inspired by the fact that the designers favorite decade was the 70s. Following its success after being recognized in Vogue UK, the designer had this to say, “The 70s was filled with fun, color and playfulness with the flared pants, circle shades and short mini dresses, all of which I missed out on, so for my 5th collection she finally decided to bring the 70s back in her own way with all the colour and craziness but giving it that African edge”.



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