FRANQUE’S FRIDAY: Sundays Are The Best Days.

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“I would wish u a happy married life, but I know u already have it. Just hurry up and make me an Uncle. Love u loads, miss u much.”

That was how I ended a post last year ‘Happily ever after‘(Read).  Two days ago I got my wish: my cousin and her husband between them made me an uncle – again!

I had called to let her know my article which was a day overdue was finally ready. When I could not reach her phone I called her husband. “We dey hospital o,” he told me when we were done with salutation.

“Chairman, o dikwa na nma?” I asked him, to be sure all was well.

It was then he told me about his barely 2-hour old son. I spoke with my cousin and congratulated her.  After I hung up, I dwelt for a moment on what this meant. My father and her father before us had been close, so too both of us. I could not help wondering if both our kids would get along as well seeing as they are less than a year apart and both boys.

At least they would experience the same things, learn the same language, play with the same things and watch the same TV.

I woke up but did not turn or make any move, only cracked my eyelids open a bit. Even in my half awake state I knew what day it was, and as the day crossed my mind, the bottom fell out and my stomach plummeted.


Considering that Saturday and Sunday were the only days TV stations started transmission early, one would expect me to love Saturday. But it was for this same reason that I hated Saturdays. Mama would make us work from Friday evening till Saturday night. One could not pause chores to watch any of the cartoons showing on TV. By the time we were done, it would be time for midday news at 12pm. Telematch was the only program I enjoyed on Saturday. NTA sports was just always a downer.

Monday to Friday usually followed the same pattern, the early part of the day rolled one into the other: wake up early, do chores, go to school, return from school, siesta (though I preferred to read while others slept). After siesta I would sit in front of the TV waiting for the first station to resume transmission. First would come the National anthem followed by the pledge. After these would then come Sesame Street. It is to this hour long program that I owe my understanding of the English language. This was usually followed by cartoons.  Then, cartoons were the bees knees of entertainment for any child.

Sundays were my preferred days because it seemed to be a mellow chilled out day. It started with Mass at Holy Family Catholic church, then the race to buy fan-ice with the 10kobo I ‘forgot’ to put in the offering basket – there were so many people putting in money, God would not mind too much that the hand I dipped into the basket went in empty and came out empty too.

It was with my  tongue frozen and coloured orange that I raced home, always arriving  just on time to catch the beginning of a cartoon, usually Harlem Globetrotters. That had to finish before a look in the kitchen to  confirm Sunday rice and stew was ready.

Back then, it was about the cartoons more than everything and anything. There was Voltron, Dog Wonder and Blue Falcon, Wonder Wheels, Hillbilly Bears, Superted and Spotty, Clue Club, Captain Caveman, Casper and the Angels, Scooby Doo and Scrappy…the list is longer than my arm.

So here is what we are going to do this Friday: Below are a few pictures from some cartoons from that time, use the comment box to identify as many as you can and list others not covered here. Feel free to include some lines from the cartoons as well, if you remember any.  😀

I may not know a lot of things, but I do know these cartoons trump the bland, watery fare my son and nephew have to watch today, these programs trump Barney and Teletubbies.

TGIF!!! Let the cartoons roll in.

PS: When I was much younger, Mama would not let us leave the home to attend anything she did not approve of, and even then, we had to go as a group. One of the perks of growing up is not needing Mama to vet what I attend or who I visit, sadly I’ve grown up into a couch potato. But not so this Sunday, 26th of February.  I will be attending One Mic Naija at Browns Cafe, GRA Ikeja. I hear tickets are N1,000.

No, I do not know what colour shirt I will be wearing then, still I hope I see you there. 😉



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  1. Oh crap! I knew I should have been asking you what those pictures were when u were putting them up during the week. Well since I can only identify like 3, guess iFailed 🙁 this put a smile on my face though~

  2. 1.Atom Ant
    4.Captain Caveman
    5.Sesame Street
    9. Roger Ramjet
    12. Superted
    14.Thunder Sub
    17. Harlem Globetrotters
    19.Adams Family
    20.Danger Mouse
    23.Terra hawks
    24.Battle of the planets

  3. 1.Atom Ant
    4.Captain Caveman
    5.Sesame Street
    9. Roger Ramjet
    12. Superted
    14.Thunder Sub
    17. Harlem Globetrotters
    19.Adams Family
    20.Danger Mouse
    23.Terra hawks
    24.Battle of the planets

  4. 1.Atom ant
    2.The Flintstones
    3.BlueFalcon and Dog wonder
    4.Mystery Island (Captian Caveman)
    6.Sesame street
    7.Victor and Hugo
    9.Roger Ramjet
    10.Hilliy Billy bears
    11. Cant remember d title
    13.superted and spotty
    14.Thunder sub
    16.Clue club
    18.Munch bunch
    19.Groovy Ghoulies
    20.Danger mouse (wias is penfold)
    21.Thundercats iThink
    22.voltron force
    23.Terrahawk (Fred ninestein,kate,hiro,mary and co)
    24.G-force (mark,princess,jason,tiny,keyup) metamorphosed into voltron force.

    thats all i can remeber.

  5. Too lazy 2 do d list. From my quick scroll I saw fred flintstone, superted,super globetrotters (luved d spaghetti dude :)), voltron and I think power rangers…*yawn* good night! Thanks 4 d memories. My fave cartoon when I was younger was def tom n jerry tho…how did u miss that out?

  6. interesting….frankieee well let’s give iit a shot…..Nostalgia activated.. .»
    1. atom ant
    3. blue falcon and dog wonder
    4. captain caveman and the teen angels
    5. captain planet and the planeteers-the power is urs!!!(loved dat cartoon)
    6. sesame street
    7. viictor & hugo-bunglers in crime
    8. dunno
    9. Roger Ramjet
    10. hill billy bears I think
    11. can’t remember
    12. superted
    13. superted-before the magic words
    14. Thundersub
    15. Schmoo
    16. hmmmm
    17. harlem globetrotters
    18. can’t remember but very familiar
    19. not sure
    20. Dangermouse
    21. Thunderbirds
    22. Voltron-defender of d universe
    23. Terrahawk-d witch used to give me d creeps
    24. Gforce-guardians of d planet…………
    *whew* u forgot speedracer,jabbajaw,muppet babies and remember dose 2dogs,1 was brown n d othr black n white dat never used to talk used to show it on chaNnel 5 I think….

  7. Hey family, for some odd reason iHav been unable to post comments from my fone.
    @ manny fresh: 1st! Congrats;
    @ Black Pearl: 3 looks lyk a good number to me;
    @ K: Suported is correct, X n O is kinda correct too :D;
    @ Missie: *frightened Frankie, dangerous Drac n weirdo Wolfie too*
    @ nengie: Don’t take too long;
    @ olalekt: So with all the expos over the week, u still failed this many? U try sha (y)
    @ Mr_hov: And here iWas thinkin iWas the last of our kind. The most answers so far, the most correct answers too. FYI: G-Force didn’t evolve into any kain Voltron jor;
    @ eL: Yes o! oldies from before ur tym;
    @ Latazee: iSee more n more of us poppin up out of the woodworks;
    @ justbeingme: Correct!
    @ aitch: *rolling* @ Storyland;
    @ Kay: Tom n Jerry survived till today, kinda lyk Scooby doo jare. They don’t count for much;
    @ Doc: WOW!!!Well done! The name u seek is Chuckle Hounds;
    @ Everyone_else: iCouldn’t possibly have forgotten those cartoons nau. It’s just difficult getting the pictures noni. Thanx y’all for playing. Full list on Sunday nite. Mr_hov if u r in Lagos on Sunday evening and r free to attend Open Mic Naija, iWill hav a ticket for u there…

  8. I can’t remember the names!! :'(
    1: astro something
    2: flinstones
    4: caveman
    6: sesame street
    17: globetrotters
    19: frankistein
    20: Danger Mouse
    23: X n O or so…

  9. Congrats to your cousin. A child is one of the most wonderful gifts to receive. I see lots of people here have great memories. Was able to remember just a few 🙂

  10. Finally, the reveal:
    1, Atom ant
    2, (Fred) The Flintstones
    3, Blue Falcon & Dog Wonder
    4, Captain Caveman
    5, Captain Planet
    6, (Ernie, Bert, Grover, Oscar, Elmo) Sesame Street
    7, Victor & Hugo
    8, Dilbert (the trick one as it is from a cartoon strip)
    9, Roger Ramjet
    10, Hill Billy Bears
    11, Precious Pupp
    12, Superted
    13, Superted & Spotty
    14 Thundersub
    15, Shmoo
    16, Clue Club
    17, Harlem (super) Globetrotters
    18, Munch Bunch (worst character ‘Onion’ – forever cryin)
    19, Groovie Ghoulies
    20, Danger Mouse (Penfold missin)
    21, (Captain Scarlet) Thundercats
    22, Voltron Force
    23, Terra Hawks
    24, Battle of the Planets (G-Force)
    The E.N.D

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