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So you haven’t seen any of these from us in a while (its actually tasking trying to get really funny pictures) but this is a proof that you are always on our minds.

For this collection of CANDIDS, we have scoured the internet, stolen DPs, borrowed from a friend(s) and we have been given and we say a BIG THANK YOU.

Yes, some of you might have seen some of these images before and we are sure they are still funny seeing them again and some might be seeing some of the images here for the first time, either way ENJOY. It’s almost the weekend, have a giggle, have a laugh  😉

Remember we are still avid collectors of this stuff, so send any funny images you come by to

And here is a FUNNY DANCE video from DJ E COOL: DANCE FREESTYLE (NAIJA AZONTO + FREEMADNESS + ALANTA + KRUMPING ). The African styles are the funniest actually.




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