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Seun Oni, known to all as SAEON, is actually the newest ‘hot thing’ on the block, her cover of Brymo’s Ara is currently making huge waves and her version is actually applaudable.

My first live experience of her talent was at the ThisDay Awards held in Lagos on the 13th of February. She performed a cover of Whitney Houston’s My Love is Your Love and I was spellbound. After that performance and as new SAEON fan, I decided to have a BBchat with her on her uprising fame and what she has planned for her increasing fan base.

********Chat Begins********

Date: 15th of February 2012
Time: 9PM
Participants: Bubba, Saeon
Bubba: Hello Saeon
Saeon: Hiya  🙂

Bubba: The newest superstar in town. LOL
Saeon: Lol 😆 … Claiming it. How’s it going?
Bubba: Lool..fine fine.

Bubba: So I heard your own version of Brymo’s Ara and I thought it was a good one.  How did that come about?
Saeon: Thank you, glad you like…
Saeon: I have my manager to thank for that… He basically asked me to hop on it even before Brymo asked to hear people’s remixes of Ara and I’m glad I listened to him. I pretty much listened to his lyrics and did a reply/cover/remix… Lol. Whatever people wanna call it.

Bubba: Oh good. So are u satisfied with the feedbacks and comments about your effort on the cover?
Saeon: I’d say I’m grateful, if I agree with being satisfied, then that’s like saying I’m at my peak in my music career, which isn’t the case. Most people have been supportive… So what’s not to be happy about? So yeah, I’m grateful about the feedback and comments 😀

Bubba: Would it be fair enough to say this is your first attempt at giving music a try?
Saeon: No its not, I’ve actually been singing since I was what?… 4? But professionally, I started in 2009 during and after my service year. Since then, its just been a couple demos cos I thought it wise to set a scene for myself in the Nigerian Music Industry whilst in school for my Masters programme.

Bubba: So you are back to take it? Lol
Saeon: Thass right, to take it, and own it innit? Lol 🙂

Bubba: Sowhat does Saeon mean?
Saeon: I needed to have a stage name that looked like my name so a friend of mine, Atim Ukoh and I sat down and coined ‘Saeon’ out of my many names 🙂 .  S from Seun, A from Omolara, E from Eva and ON from my surname, Oni. It was originally pronounced “Say-On” but then I met a guy, Seyi Coker who had me do a feature on his track and he pronounced it as “Scion”. I loved it the minute I heard it and thats what its been since then.

Bubba: Which artists have you worked with so far?
Saeon: I’ve worked with FalzTheBahdGuy and Black Magic and looking to do more collaborations.

Bubba: Yes, the Black Magic collabo was nice. I kinda thought you were into Patua and all, then I heard the one with FalztheBahdguy and I got confused. What’s your style of music called?
Saeon: Thanks \=D/ lol. I’m an R’n’B artist. But, I tend to dabble a bit cos I consider myself versatile and not limited to one style.
Saeon: So there’s many sides to me, R’n’B, Rap, Pop, and a bit of Patua. 😀 Etc

Bubba: Tell me more about the recent MTV UK competition you were involved in.
Saeon: I have my manager to thank for a lot of things. He’s honestly God sent. He sent me the link and pretty much told me to go ahead with it. Its a platform for up and coming artists and the winner gets a lot of recognition and backing from MTV UK, tours etc. I did and when it was over, I got to about 96.4% or so. Which to me was pretty good, as I competed with thousands of UK based up and coming artists. Now, I have that in my resumé. 😀
Bubba: Nice.

Bubba: Seems you have been a little busy. So how many tracks do you have so far?
Saeon: 4 tracks that I’ve put out and 3 features… Excluding the Ara cover.

Bubba: Is there an album on its way?
Saeon: Yes there is, but not this year. I still have a lot to learn and I’m a strong believer of going through the process.

Bubba: Your role model would be?
Saeon: My Mum. She’s everything to me. The hardest worker I know. Most selfless. Most virtuous. Supportive…God bless her.

Bubba: And musically?
Saeon: Hmm, I can’t pin point one person. But I’d say a mesh between Kylie Minogue, Amel Larrieux Toni Braxton, Alicia keys, Mary J Blige, Beyonce, Whitney Houston (RIP) Sheryl Crow, Aretha Franklin… The list can go on.
Bubba: That’s a lot oh, lol

Bubba: Now that you are based in Nigeria, do you see any direct competition in the industry?
Saeon: Lol.  More of contemporaries than competition   🙂
Bubba: Nice..heehee.

Bubba: And I am guessing, we should expect new singles from you soon?
Saeon: Oh beht ov kez! Lool. Yeah, looking to put out something new and a little different from what you have heard, soon  😀

Bubba: Which producers you are planning on working with?
Saeon: Cobhams, TyMix, Sam Klef, Gospel, Ibk…

Bubba: Are you signed on to any Record Label?
Saeon: Not yet, but thats in the works  🙂

Bubba: Can you drop some names? 😀
Saeon: :-X not yet. I promise to give you an exclusive when things are firmed up 😀

Bubba: Lol ok oh..ya coding
Saeon: Hehe, you sabi the ting!

Bubba: Thank you for chatting with me Saeon.
Saeon: You’re welcome, thank you for having my time  😀
Bubba: Anytime.


********Chat Ends********

Now considering the songs I’ve heard from Ms Oni so far, all I’ll say is Tiwa, watch your back. LoL!



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