‘AN IDOL 12’

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Reality shows start off making you laugh. Something about the bad and ugly auditions contribute to some of the best moments in entertainment. Be it American or Nigerian Idol for example, there are always some choice moments to commit to memory.

Then in the middle, you’re sort of waiting. They’ve picked the good guys, but you still have to sit through a lot of sifting. Some really good voices will get cut, some average notes will sneak through, Charly Boy will shock us again, Yinka Davies will be in her own space, and Jeffrey Daniels will have favourites- all of them.

But if you hold on long enough, you’ll get to that magical phase- the Top 12!

At the Top 12, the contestants are no longer numbers or songs they performed. Now they have names, personalities and a real shot!

This weekend, Nigerian Idol aired its’ Top 12 unveil and the contestants sang for their lives! Co-incidentally, American Idol was on and so I couldn’t help switching between the two shows.

Idol no be Idol?

The Nigerian Idol Top Twelve?

Well there’s Stephen Onochie, he with the deep voice. I noticed him at the unveil launch because he totally dominated his duet, and he didn’t do badly this time either!

Early crowd favourite, A.Y.O who has got personality for days! He may not be the strongest male vocally, but since when did that ever stop anybody?

Diwari I have termed the ‘smiler’. She’s got a smile that lights up her face and the room. Thankfully, her voice isn’t half bad either!
Sly 1, Mercy Chinwo and Honey make up the first half of the group.

Nikki had a good show but somehow I kept asking, “does she have a rock chick trapped inside?”. If they ever have a rock or alternative night on the show, I think she’d ace it!

Joe Blue is a singerpreneur (wonder which tug will be hardest). Chinedu performed a Boys to Men song which I thought was ironic seeing as…well… You’d see.

Lynda Giami, Ibinabo Romeo and Najite complete the 12.

Over-all, it wasn’t a boring night but some were able to shine early while others (like CON.tra.diction), kept picking and dropping notes!

The judges seemed determined to be nice on the night, perhaps Guest Judge Waje’s presence had something to do with that.

Thankfully at this point, it’s all down to Nigeria! The eviction show is on Friday and one person will be leaving the show.

Suspense o!

Najite as Whitney
Linda Giami
Chinedu Ugwuadu sings On Bended Knee


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