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The Mental and Environmental Development Initiative for Children (MEDIC) a non-governmental, non‐partisan, non‐tribal, non‐racial, non‐religious organization established to raising a generation of physically, mentally and environmentally clean children across Nigeria and the World.  We intend to do this by creating awareness amongst children, about the effects of pollution and global warming, and how they can make a change in their environment and going a step further to teaching them about patriotism, etiquette, motivation, dignity, integrity, savings, and at the same time harnessing their God given talents.  As part of our mental development campaign, we started a project called H.E.L.P an acronym for Help Educate the Less Privileged. The major goal is to instil within the formative years of the children quality education that will change their lives for the better.

The term education is derived from Latin words

EducareTo nourishEducure  To lead forthEducatum Act of teaching

Education means To lead out internal hidden talent of a child or person.

To MEDIC, education is not only buying of books and paying the school fees, we go the extra mile to ensure the these children develop their skills, talent and mentoring

We have resolved to support the orphans and the financially challenged parents to ensure that their children and wards stay in school for as long as we have the capacity to. We have however devised a sustainable means whereby the parents would benefit from the project thus ensuring that the funds given would sustain the child’s education. This programme will run for children between Kindergarten to primary 6. We will to partner with supporting schools around the localities. We appeal to you to H.E.L.P and give them the quality education they deserve!

Acknowledging you is not just a formality. We cannot thank you enough for the generation to come, who will be positively affected by your gesture.

We do this… For the Love of Nigeria!!!

For more information

Visit: 17 Owode Crescent, Off Ado-Langbasa Road, Ajah.

Call: 08033788641, 07045355179

Donate or Support
Our Account no:  214/797716/110
Mental and Environmental Development Initiative for Children  (Guaranty Trust Bank)

An educated mind is one that has sufficient knowledge in their chosen field or discipline and adequate knowledge about other fields – Anonymous.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you in future. May God bless you!

Best regards

Doyinsola Ogunye

President MEDIC

For more information about our works visit www.kidscleanclub.blogspot.com



Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.

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