360Events: Noble Is My Dude 10.02.2012 …All The Pictures

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On the 10th of February 2012, we held it down for Noble is my Dude.

This special birthday party for Noble Igwe by his friends took place at Deuces Lounge.

On what went down, pictures tell a better story…

Photo Credits: Alistair Englebert Preston (http://www.aepreston.tumblr.com) & Kola Oshalusi for Insigna

Photo Credits: Alistair Englebert Preston (http://www.aepreston.tumblr.com) & Kola Oshalusi for Insigna



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    1. Na wa o.UTI,ALEX EKUBO EFE TOMMY AND LYNNXX,u see d pple wey i mention so no event wey dey nor dey go,dey must go while sum pple go carry anoda person matter for head dress pass d person wey dey do birthday.EVA na all d picha u dey show fo.2BABA why u lean so,u luk lyk d way u were in plantashun boiz days,too much baby mama.SKALES u get hips shoo see ya k-leg sef.E be lyk say JIMMYJATT cum dere cum sell him snapback,wetin concern am.
      Now 9ja babes,y’ll should keep it real,dis is a birthday what’s with d minis and heels,ow ya gon get ur freaks on with dem minis and heels,una kardashians wannbes.The girl with d yellow crop top,who does not even with ur big belly,not all dat is in trend fits everyone.9ja babes keep it real,stop showing ur dirty legs,many of dem are village champions wey never wear cloth b4.I am not saying u shouldnt wear mini at least go casual to d b-day,wat ever happened to denim even if u no get d money for denim,Thank God for talented aba boys do their own.Try to tone ur legs,arms if u gonna wear sumtn exposing,hit d gym if u wanna show ur belly and visit the spa,village champions dem.

  1. Oh wow! Dint notice any1 till I saw tiwa savage. Luv her. The girl wt d black n white striped dress wt blazer looks very lovely. Uti and ebuka= head to toes gorgeous. Chei!

  2. Lovely pictures. Ebuka and Lynxxx are so yummy. Tiwa i love you. Madonna looks sexy as hell. Tuface, you know i’m a huge fan of you, you sexy thing you.

  3. noble sure has many dudes!!! hehehehe
    buuuuuuuuuuuuuut what are all these girls wearing in 2012 biko???????????????? appalling!!!!!!
    the guys looked waaay better!!!!!
    mgbekes in full blast! wow!
    all that aside, the pictures look like they had a good time…well done Nobs!

  4. Please if anyone knows the lady who wore the yellow half top!!!! Please they should beg her not to pull such stunt again! She looks so tacky! You only were such top when you have some really nice flat stomach to show! Please spare us the sight. thank you,

  5. the girls look horrible , naija girls need to really learn to wear what fits them. the boys look like they had a good time .

  6. Nobles head the same width as his body and Ice Prince is the worse dressed human being. Blackmagic look like he came to rob everyone else after the party

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