3 – 6 – zer0ing In on Kaylah

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3 exceptional things about you

  1. I am Adventurous
  2. Very Creative
  3. Spontaneous


Why did you abandon the cheques and counters for the microphone?

Working as an OAP is fun, though it comes with its challenges just like any other job, however, I thought it through and made a conscious decision to do this even though i studied Banking and Finance, I love music, I love to talk, make people happy, the only thing I had to do was convince my parents that this was what I wanted to do and I’m extremely happy doing it. *smiles*

As an On Air Personality, what was your experience the very first time you went on air?

It was a ton of emotions, ranging from excitement to nervousness running through my mind before putting on the mic; *phew* when I did, I felt the sense of urgency to sound as natural as possible, and sound sensible too, lol. A lot of emotions I must say, I felt like the whole world was listening to me at the same time, Geez! Nerve racking! but eventually, I came through,and it wasn’t bad afterall. Yay!

Would you give up your job for a million dollar shopping spree?

Honestly, I had to think beyond the immediate view in my head, filled with all the amazing Jimmy choos, Salvatore,Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton shoes, clothes , bags, Baume & Mercier wristwatch, accessories,fast cars, landed property….hmmm I could go on and on, but on a serious note, naaaa! dont think so, I LOVE my job…..I LOVE my job * wide grin*

What makes you happy?

The ability to experience unconditional love no man can offer except that which comes from God, its overwhelming!! Yeah, fooooood  makes me happy, I loooooooove food, geez, being around really happy people, shopping, putting a big smile on peoples faces, and hanging around children which is a lot of fun and a lot of work too.

What are those things you love to do outside work?

Driving all the way to epe! I love get-aways, when I’m not working , I am playing hard by basically Hanging out with family and friends or having some ” me time”  to reflect.

What is your greatest fear?

Everyone has fears, knowingly or unknowingly, no matter how strong you are, we are all human.
I would not say this is my greatest fear but the fear of unrequited love, put in the simplest form, loving someone and not being loved back or loving someone you can never be with… gives me the chills…. However, it can be overcome, but then again it takes a lot from the individual, i hope i never get to experience that again.

Zer0ing in (shout outs/advice to fans, upcoming OAP’S)

I’m entirely grateful to God, its amazing how far I have come and how his grace has been more than sufficient.

I absolutely love and adore my family, my Dad, always been so supportive, my mom, sister and brother,always have my back, my amazings friends and confidante, they have been awesome, my wonderful colleagues at CoolFM (especially Freeze) whom i currently work with, They have been supportive and instrumental to the development of my career.

My fans and critics, wonderful people! love them all, Thank you so much.

To upcoming OAPs, Be original, Stay focused, be open to criticism, work on self-development and take one step at a time. Trust God



I'm 8°C - Nice to a fault & I really know how to keep up with people. Allergic to fake souls, pretense & maltina. I love me & its okay if you don't. I believe in myself, much more than you can imagine. My happiness is all I pursue. I love 360nobs.com. I'm a sucker for maltesers... I'm TT Reju


  1. Wow Kaylah is so refreshing, i had a few giggles here and there, where is she from? Unrequited love, kai , im sure we all have experienced that, nice interview …..well done 360 nobs

  2. Kay, that’s a lovely interview, I’m loving d spending of d 1 million dollars all them shoes……continue doing us proud @ 96.3 babes

  3. Sphinx, why the hate??? The girl isnt ugly, did you even read the interview, did you look at the pictures, do you know what ugly is? Abeg , she is one of Nigerias finest OAPs, no photoshop and all, lets encourage one another . Haba…

    Keep up the good work Kaylah.

  4. Kayla you are great presenter and I personally have been having good time with you on air,we all wish to be like you someday meanwhile keep the fire burning !!

  5. Woooah! @Rotimi… That’s just my opinion. Chill out and don’t be silly! What kind of small minded person are you? She is ugly simple! And yes I saw the pictures and read the interview.

  6. Kaylah FF0 lol @ i loooooooove food. Kaylah u r beautiful and we love u. U r caring and we know that. God bless u. 9ice interview.

  7. @Sphinx,if u say kaylah is ugly wot would u say bout TOOLZ? she’s rather the ugliest and fattest OAP lol*am nt hating plz,the gurl just lyk attention.. But i think kaylah is cute beautiful and intelligent.

  8. Interesting read for me, ha ha ha, for the million dollars, but seriously, Kaylah is one OAP that is soooo original, she doesnt fake her accent at alllll, you guys should listen in, and that’s really cool. Whenever she is on air with Freeze, i am totally entertained and Freeze is so real as well, so they blend together, I honestly see you doing big things, you are gorgeous and very cool, i follow your tweets and i can tell you are humble as well.

    I pray that you will excel in this industry.stay on top

    God bless you.

  9. I met Kaylah 4yrs ago b4 she became an OAP, and i can proudly say my gurl is still as down-to-earth as ever. She is fun, witty, dependable,generous, intelligent and strong and always ready with some wise advise. Before i forget, she is my one-stop busstop for beauty and fashion tips. Go gurl! U rock!!!

  10. I read this interview in *kaylah’s unique voice* kay is a very cheerful and fun loving person. What trips me most about her is her humility. Keep up the good work and know that we got your back. I do appreciate you as my Fav OAP. Cheers!!!

  11. Dats my beautiful sexy kaylah doin me proud! Love u but God loves u more! One f d best OAP jare! Hope u can catch dis kiss > muuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

  12. Awwww, lovely interview,very witty and real, you are one of the coolest and the hottest and prettiest presenter on Coolfm right now, we should see you on TV soon. You sound like a humble babe, love everything about you. The sky is beyond your limit, go ahead and soar like an eagle. Bless you Ms Kaylah

  13. Freeze is cute ooooo! Lol! I just had to say that, kaylah, well done, tush OAP, see your fine bag, very intelligent answers to your questions o, I’m also scared of falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you back o! Sounds like you have a wonderful family and you guys (you and freeze) have a nice on-air chemistry. Its nice to Finally see the face behind the lovely voice. Kiss kiss (no homo abeg oooo) lol

  14. I’ve known kaylah since our school days and she’s so down to earth and cool! She’s always wanted to do ds OAP stuff! Shed fun to listen too and she doesn’t form accent! And pls have u ever seen kay? Hour glass shape toh bad! Way to go girl!

  15. Go girl! Kaylah makes me forget she’s an OAP..lol. so down to heart, pretty and my super sexy hero’. Love u to bits babes.
    Haters …phuzzzz..(tongues out)

  16. You know Ψhat, its so nice τ̅☺ place the face with the OAP, it makes ♍ƺ feel closer τ̅☺ the presenter *wild imagination*
    I love the MIC too. I sometimes imagine ♍ƺ on the other end of my radio. lol. I even did myself a lil recording off air…LOL
    KayLah, you doing a real great job there. The MIC sure does love you, so does #TeamCoolFM

  17. Oh wow! Kaylah of coolfm,you are so cute, fresh and original, nice interview, you must go places by his grace, and yes , people will hate on you for no reason, just remain focused.

    I love listening to you and Freeze and on the show with DJ xclusive. Proud of you, what’s your twitter handle?????? Love you girl

  18. Kaylah is totally gorgeous. In my opinion i think she is ne of the reaest OAP’s i have come across. i love tha picture of you and freeze were u had on the purple (lacey) top……mad sexyyyyyy….. God bless you darling nd keep up the good work.. u know me love you longtimeeeee

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