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I hate giving head.

Ok. I lied. I love giving head especially when the pen*s is circumcised smooth.

The last time I gave head, dude wanted to die. As in, mehn. He was like, “Oh. My. God. You are go-oo-oo-d!”

So where did I learn to give the best head ever? Duuh from porn, of course! And not those lame big-ass-black-girl porn videos where the girl looks like she’s so choking on the thing.

The best headers are gay dudes. And for a reason. A guy should know what would pleasure another guy, right?

I mean they lick those things like they are lollipops, suck them like they are tits filled with baby food.

So I watch and I learn and I apply.

Nope, gay porn doesn’t gross me out. I am a girl, I like dicks. So what, they end up in someone’s a$$. it’s just anal $ex.




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