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There is something incredibly intriguing about the physical appearance of the South Sudanese people, I am yet to place my finger on it. It is almost like a juxtaposition of physical qualities as seen in our model of the moment; Ger Duany (interesting name by the way!). He is beautiful almost overwhelmingly so, but just as you begin to absorb his beauty you begin to notice that his is indeed a mixture of beauty and rugged intensity. This juxtaposition also applies to his body; big, strong and yet lean in that south Sudanese nature you are used to seeing.

Duany was born in South Sudan, in 1978. At 16, he successfully moved to the US as a refugee. Duany made his debut as an actor in “I Heart Hucklebees” in which he played the role of a refugee called Stephen Nimieri. Duany was picked for the role because the film’s producer and director wanted someone who had endured the real life experience of being a refugee. As a model, Duany has appeared on the cover of numerous magazines such as Heed, Bleu Magazine and Numero.

Atonk Arjok and Ger Duany

Ger Duany has been able to push boundaries and break down doors in an industry that does not particularly celebrate black male models. He is amongst the very few black male models that have achieved international status and recognition with CNN tagging him the “The New Face of the Fashion Industry”. Ger’s story is inspiring- from a 16 year old fighting war in Sudan to a world class international model and actor!



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