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Introducing SHEM PARONELLI LAGOS, NIGERIA, a new artisanal luxury leather brand specializing in leather goods and accessories, Shem Paronelli is pleased to announce the release of  their debut collection shot by the FAB Magazine fashion photographer of the year 2011, Hakeem Salaam. The idea of  having him shoot the collection was a decision reached by SHEM after studying his work; his unconventionality, playful, quirky but yet highly creative approach to fashion photography; attributes consistent with our brand ethos.  The Holiday collection 2011 effortlessly resonates ‘luxury chic’ an essence not easily articulated in men footwear design. The collection was inspired by the fun and glamour of nightlife and dance-floor. And the use of such luxurious materials as vintage and embossed patent, patterened nubuck brown which respectively communicates the nightlife theme.

The unique story of the  limited edition 12 shoe collection is the fact that it was designed and crafted in just 14 days  following the request to show at an exclusive MARTINI sponsored event in support of the growth of menswear in Nigeria. Each shoe in the collection is entirely made by hand by the designer and his team of master craftsmen.

His special ability to juxtapose classic concepts with the modern makes for the creation of something entirely new and fresh. Hence his mantra “tradition and modernity can be best friends”. The Shem Paronelli design philosophy embraces and plays with the concept of opposites. And each piece articulates pari-pasu such concepts as minimalism and sophistication, quirkiness and glamour, masculinity and feminity, and ‘the old world’ and modern. Conventional proportions are often challenged and the concept of storytelling remains engrained in the brand DNA.

The concept of crafting each piece by hand using premium and luxurious materials only adds to the Shem Paronelli allure. The brand has started to catch a few international eye even as the quirky personal style of the designer/ creative director got a mention on British late 2011 just before the release of the debut limited edition Holiday collection.




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