MAYREEJAY’s LUST: Prada’s Pyramide bags

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New Year, New Look, New Style, New IT Bags to carry and lust over.  Prada launches a new style of bag to covet – The Pyramide – a 3 dimensional leather beauty ticking all the necessary style boxes for the year 2012.  Its chic, sleek, structured, elegant, sporty and comes in pastel colours and has a vintage feel to it(a throwback to the 50s aesthetic) with just the right amount of cool.

The Pyramide is available in classic black and classic red as well as in pastel shades of light blue and baby yellow making them perfect companions for 2012’s Spring/Summer. Bags are priced at a hefty price of £1,800 but it is a keeper for many many years to come.
A close up: Bag is woven-embossed in Serrafino leather with Gold metal detailing as the frame and clasp.




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