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No trend embraces our lady bits and accentuates them quite like the peplum look. What is peplum you might ask?

Well a peplum is a short gathered fabric attached to a woman’s waist on a coat, blouse, jacket or dress. Peplums are very dressy and most certainly not for casual wear, they give the illusion of added curves which in turn oozes an exaggerated feminity and confidence. Peplums suit any body frame; boyish, skinny, curvy, plus size or pear shape the peplum look works out beautifully on any woman’s body.


Jennifer Hudson.

Victoria Beckham re-introduces the peplum trend in 2010.

Sarah Jessica Parker for Marie Claire Japan.

HOW TO ROCK THE PEPLUM LOOKThe peplum look is one of incredible sophistication, so while your outfit looks very polished and feminine other bits of your ensemble cannot fall short.

  • A good pair of heels will be needed to elongate your legs so that your hips do not look abnormally wide.
  • Play up on your make up and jewellery for an added polished look.
  • An up do works best as it also elongates your neck and balances out your bust. We don’t want you looking stuffed in your peplum ensemble.




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