Kneeyie says Welcome Blue Ivy Carter –”Hate to love Jigga & Bee”

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“I wreak havoc on the world/Get ready for part two. A younger, smarter, faster me. So a pinch of Hov/a whole glass of Bey”

It’s been 7 days now that Jay-Z, invoking those powerful words, made history with his newly born daughter as the youngest ever entrant to the Bill boards charts. The song by Jay-Z, Glory, featuring his 9 days old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, debuts at no. 74 next week on the Bill boards.

Lines like “Goddamn I can’t deliver failure/Bad ass lil’ Hov/Two years old, shopping on Savile row/Wicked ass Lil Bee” remind us of the 100% swagged out self-proclaimed King of New York with his invective lyrics. But when he backs it up with “Hard not to spoil you rotten, looking like little me/The most beautifulest thing in this world/Is Daddy’s little girl” you see another side of Jay-Z not too often exposed but which we should get more and more used to as the birth of his long awaited daughter heralds a new dynamic in his life, as for any other father.

I am not the most likely to write a note about Jay-Z. In the hey days of the rap wars, I always sided with the more philosophical lyricist Nas (Am still his biggest fan) and I have always taken a bigger liking to the wild child and highly extroverted Rihanna over Jay-Z’s flamboyant and very talented wife, Beyonce. But two things occurred over the last few days that have gotten me looking more and more into Jayonce’s narrative. I have made very interesting discoveries, and even more profound conclusions.

First; following the birth of the daughter came several rumours once her name “Blue Ivy Carter” was revealed. The rumour mills and conspiracy theories happily connived to announce that when reversed, “Blue Ivy”  =  “Yvi Eulb” which means Lucifer (the devil)’s daughter in Latin. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The rumours have been debunked by experts, claiming that there isn’t any such proven word as Yvi Eulb in Latin and that there is no record of Lucifer having a daughter anyway. But the rumours haven’t stopped. Others say IVY means “Illuminati’s Very Youngest”. Very laughable. Indeed, any smart person can make a meaning out of any name as an abbreviation. The very idea, to start with, that Jay-Z is a member of the Illuminati with his meagre $300-$400m in the first place is absurd. The Illuminati are billionaires and the very highest order of every industry in the world. That’s if you believe their existence in the first place.

In reality, Ivy derives from the roman numeral 4 written as IV which is very personal to the couple. Jay-Z was born Dec 4th, Beyonce Sept 4th and they were both married April 4th. Beyonce’s last album was, tellingly, titled 4. My good mind tells me they probably even targeted Jan 4th as the baby’s birth date but they missed by 3 days, as she came Jan 7th. Additionally, Blue is Jay-Z’s favourite colour. He’s had 3 albums with the word Blue in them – the Classic Blueprint, Blueprint 2 and Blueprint 3.

Secondly, and more importantly, was the release of the song Glory (View this link for a line by line translation of the rich and deep content of such a short song) in which Jay-Z cuts a very proud and inspired figure, swearing to high heavens how he wants to make her life an example to all. Just 2 days on this earth, he made good his first plans for her, making history with her on the Billboard.

I have always been indifferent to their story all the while but the vast array of bad blood, ire and hate towards this closely guarded couple is unbelievable. This got me more interested in their story. Now, I think if anything at all, the world should be very happy at the example they are setting for us all. They show us that marriage is a relationship between just 2 people, no matter how many other people in the world want to peep in. From their first weeks and months together, to their marriage, to the pregnancy itself and even after the birth, they have protected their privacy every bit as their fortune. And it’s proven to be the real ingredient for their success.

To many blacks around the world, I think they represent a great example of a power couple to us, a lot more than Barack & Michelle Obama (because we have known Jayonce longer than the first couple) and even Will Smith & Jada Pinkett (because together, Jayonce is more powerful than their older colleagues). With all the marital disappointments from erstwhile top figures like Tiger Woods, Snoop, Kobe, Russell Simmons and even my hero Nas, they project an image so strong and so inspiring that we should appreciate them more. Beyonce is undoubtedly at the top of her game, breaking several records and she is only getting into her prime. Jay-Z, much as I would hate to admit, is arguably the greatest living rapper today.

At 42 (Beyonce is 30), Jay-Z has waited a long time for an offspring. In the song, he speaks of past disappointments from his relationship with his father, a miscarriage that Beyonce had suffered with an earlier pregnancy (Infact, a former girlfriend of his had also miscarried in 94) and how this Baby was his greatest creation yet, a powerful blend of Dad & Mum, a shining light to the world.

Congratulations to this great family.

If you hadn’t given a second thought to this couple before, listen to the song HERE and revel in its originality.

Turn the music upPPPPPP!




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