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Today’s guest writer is a Franque’s Friday regular, as a reader. Her comments are usually to be read after every fatherWOOD post, so her contribution didn’t come as a surprise. Do read, enjoy and show her lots of love in the comments box.


I loved her immediately I knew about her. I prayed for her that instant with tears in my eyes and a goofy grin on my face. A few days later, I saw her on a screen, barely six weeks old but with a heart thumping so strongly already, and I fell in love all over again.

Many months later, at the end of a most intimate relationship, I held her in my arms. She was so beautiful, so complete and all mine; my beautiful Nwando.

A year and nine months later, I discovered the heart’s immense capacity to love; its expansion to accommodate even more. For the second time, I discovered that such a tiny, little one could hold my heart so completely. And I loved, yet again. This time, my oh-so-cute son, Ikemsinachi.

Being a mother is HARD work if you do it right. How does one person handle all that uncomplicated trust and unconditional love without messing it up and without taking it for granted? How does one previously ‘selfish’ individual become one who hardly sleeps, gets to dry the tears and clean up the mess AND still has to look amazing? How is it possible that just the sight of a little one sitting for the first time would make you so proud? And how does that first real smile from that tiny face let you know that there is still a lot of good in the world?

Only the grace of God, a special kind of love and the courage to do the right thing make all that possible.

My children are sweet, without a doubt, but there are times when I can swear that their sole aim is to make sure they force some grey hair on me. Today was such a day.

Back from school and not yet used to that schedule, after a long break, Nwando transformed to this tantrum-throwing, crying child. All for no other reason than being completely exhausted. All this drama and fuss from a girl who had just given me a hug earlier and told me, “Mummy, I love you a whooooooole lot and to the moon and back”. This Jekyll/Hyde transformation always amazes me. She eventually got a time-out in a corner. Trust me, this is not an oyibo thingy. The threat of a time-out, I have recently discovered, gets my daughter to re-consider a decision to be stubborn.  She does love to talk, like mummy, so a time-out, spent alone and in silence, works better than a spank (for both of us).

To spank or not to spank? Story for another day.

Ikem was tired too but fought sleep with everything he had.  He has recently learnt how to throw tantrums too.  Daddy wasn’t home (how I sorely wished he was at this point).  He has these patient, ‘manly’ chats with his son that calms him. Ikem eventually allowed me strap him with a wrapper on my back and sing him to sleep (He just loves songs and dance; they both do).  New generation mama, or nay, it works big time.

They are both asleep. That’s why I am able to write this now.  Soon, they’ll both be awake and the house will be filled with their sounds again. But, there’d be peace in my world, because they would both be rested and ready to hug and kiss mummy again.  My house is a home because they are in it.

Ikem just called out now. “Mama”, he cries. He’s awake.  My heart swells with such joy. He is my son, one of God’s most precious gifts to me.

Of all that I am destined to be, being a mother is definitely one of the most PRICELESS.

Written by OLAEDO

P.S: This is not a cop out, there will be the regular Friday post, this will go up at 12noon.
Clue: fatherWOOD. (Here is the link to Franque’s Fatherwood for today: Just The Two Of Us.)



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  1. This is too lovely. Makes me wanna be a mom soon. Just to feel such love. I understand it to an extent cos I’m blessed with two beautiful nieces who mean the world to me. God give you strength to love them more. Bless.

  2. I totally love dis post. I aint a mother yet doe I’v an adorable nephew and a niece so cute yet so naughty,I can totally identify wiv d Jekyll-Hyde transformation. I love them 2d moon and back (in ur daughter’s words) but I cnt wait to hold my own miracle, d fruit of my womb in my own arms.

  3. kids!!!… if they don’t act stubborn or naughty,then u would prolly think they are sick.God bless and keep all mothers…

  4. Kids though sometimes very hard to please and console are God’s gift to us. In the midst of adversity, their innocent smile or play just brings a smile to my face and sometimes, I do wish I were a kid again

  5. I want me own cute mini me(s)…..Children are the most priceless gifts…well until they grow up into teenagers…..Wonderful post Olaedo….

  6. *walks in wearin swimmin trunks and a towel over my shoulder, looks up on the wall and smiles at all the love.* iShall return after this ditchin test.

  7. olaedo.this is touchn.i have a 1.2 year old in my house.we fuss all around her.hapi 2 hv her wt us.she barely sleeps so we all keep vigil wt her.words fail me 2 describe her and her tantrums.makes me in a huri 2 hv mine.any eligible candidates out there? Frank,at this r8,u shd d spokesperson 4 a babybrand. What d heck,hv urs!

  8. Awww so cute!!!! My cousins hv made d habit of “abandoning” their kids in my house 4 short spells n I just love them to bits. Even though they can make u wanna tear ur hair out, their sweet hugs jus melt ur heart…patiently waiting 4 my turn :p

    Good job Olaedo

  9. Beautiful piece Olaedo. The joys [and “pains”] of motherhood is always a pleasure to read. May they always fill your life with love, AMEN!

  10. Awwwww…counting down till I experience this miracle. Must be sooooo cute having ur kid say “I looove you a whooooooooooole lot and to the moon and back” *wipes tear*

  11. Ehen, iHaff returned. Thanx guys for all the love u have shown Olaedo, not like anyone could deny her this love sef, she can write and her love for her troop shines through! What else can iSay really?
    See y’all back here @ 12pm for the 2nd instalment for today.

  12. Ola, hmmmmmm! M speechless! Tears!!! Don’t know if its tears of anticipation for mine, or appreciation for ur write-up or for painful past; all Đ same I love Đ fact, U̶̲̥̅̊ appreciate every stage of ur lyf, only seeing Đ ✓ side of evrytn! I jst can’t wait 2 hold my own bundle of joys, m so proud of U̶̲̥̅̊!

  13. Beautiful write up Olaedo, I can totally connect with u on this, cos I hv 3 adorable boys who mk my heart swell with pride and at d same time wanting to sleep for an hour without being disturbed *big grin and a wink*

  14. MzSwitz; AMEN! You WILL be a mum and you WILL feel such love. You’ve started practising, already 🙂 God bless you too.

    Kiki; Thanks, sweetie. God makes it all beautiful.

    Mateelly; I bet they love you a whole lot and to the moon and back too 😉

    Achi; Amen! Mothers rock 🙂

    Joy; Thankssss. You do get it 🙂

    Teeonair; I feel you. The innocence gets to me EVERYTIME

    eL; Thanks. Teenagers, hmmmm. God’ll help us get through that strange stage

    Qhaycee; Thanks. Eligible candidates? ℓσℓ!!!

    Kay; You are great with them. That’s why they are ‘abandoned’ with you. Good job!

    Flakes; Thanks, sweetie. You know how we roll 😉 😉

    Bel; Amen!!! Thank you. I AM a huge fan 🙂

    Nena; Countdown, jare. It IS cute, no doubt about that.

    Muna; You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. I AM proud of you, girl. *hugs*

    Ijeoma; Don’t be scared, coz. Nwando and Ikem love you, right back. I do too. You know that already, right? 🙂

    Sugar; Sugar Sugar Honey 😉 😉 I see you, girl.
    Jazz; Your tantrum’s so funny. Oya, time-out!

    Franque; Thank YOU. This was a wonderful opportunity. Can’t wait to read fatherWOOD by noon.

  15. I miss my niece more cause of this,her parents separation has denied me of the joy I used to have being in her presence. She made me so look forward to having my own, smart,mischievous,precocious….I was so proud she shares my genes that means no dulling for my kids!
    Thanks for sharing your joys with us.

  16. When I had my lil cuz with me for the holidays, I understood why they say giving birth is the easy part. It was plenty stress but I loved every minute of it. I look forward to having mine, hopefully, in two years…
    Olaedo, I’m sure you are doing a great job. Thank God for mothers like you…

  17. Wow Olaedo….somehow i knew u had this in u.lovely write up…i agree nne! When “mummy” comes out from their mouths, PRICELESS!

  18. Iusedtoreadbutnotcomment; *Hugs*. You’re welcome.

    Nengie; Thank you 🙂 You summed it up nicely when you said, “giving birth is the easy part”. In two years (or less 😉 ), you will be a great mum too. Your heart’s in the right place.

  19. Beautiful piece ola, i don’t have children yet but I understand what it feels like cos i usually spend sometime with my friends children and i love them very much. Really looking forward to having mine.

  20. Ng; Thanks, dear. Best job in the world, alright 😉

    Ify; Thank you! Children gravitate to people who love them so I bet they love you right back.

  21. Ola. Ola. Ola.-aa….beautiful piece, I must say. Children…….can’t live with them. Can’t live without them. They have a mind of their own and that still baffles me to date…how a tiny child knows exactly what they want and demanding for it. Kudos to all mommas out there, keeping it real. And thanx to Nwando & Ikem who have given words to this piece…thousand kisses

  22. I sure do understand you cos I have 4 amazing children. I love having them and their tantrums, they make me whole and they sure bring me peace.
    Thank God for letting us be co-creatures. Priceless!!!

  23. Somayina; Thanks, dear. Nwando doesn’t thank you about some tiny little detail in there. You know what, lol!! Yay! To all the mommas in the house!!

    Henry; Thanks so much. Soon….

    Gusta; Super-mummy-of-four. How do you do it, biko? Well done, girl!

  24. …@Olaedo…way to go, considering ure a 1st timer…dis is grt literature coupled wt luv for child…*in Barney’s voice*…LEGENDARY…

  25. This is so so beautiful.As a banker, I feel saddened that I am never at home when my kids get back.this brought tears to my eyes.thank you Ola for sharing

  26. HRS_Cindy; Thankssss 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

    MTN; Thank you!! 😀

    Onyi; Don’t be sad, girl. Whatever moments you have with them, make them happy happy ones. They know you love them very much… That’s what a mother does. Go, girl!

    Uk; Thanks 🙂 Those MOMENTS? Won’t trade them for anything in the world.

  27. Holding my baby boy in my arms, and he giving me that heart-filled hug like he wouldn’t let go…hmm, plus his enchanting smile ; that’s d best thing that’s ever happened to me . Can’t trade it for d whole world put together 🙂 🙂

  28. Great! this is wonderful.Beautiful piece from you Ola.Being a Mom is a wonderful gift from God,feel like being one right away.

  29. Olareeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! my darlyn friend, sister from another mother, you know i have mad love for you and my “kids”…..this is one of the most endearing heart felt, true and very genuine articles i have ever read. I am not a mother yet and i pray to be one soon but i feel the deep immense love,so pure and so true. God will continue to give you the wisdom and the ability to raise these precious gifts from God. I wish you all the strength and yes your house is a home because of them!!! Luv you girl!

  30. Aify; You captured it perfectly. Good job, mama!

    Chika; Thanks, coz. It will happen, dear. You WILL experience all these and more.

    Achykes; Nwanne m. We have come a long way, haven’t we? Nothing but love for you, sis. Thanks, a lot and Amen! to your prayers. Can’t wait for those little cuties of yours to be born. I will be friends with them just as you have been friends with mine.

  31. Love is the greatest of them all… Kids just have a way of taking it all.

    Cant wait to have my own kids.. I just hope I will be able to lead them down the right path.

    Great write-up Olaedo…..

    ‘Mummy, I love you a whooooooole lot and to the moon and back”. you can never stay mad at your kid after she says this.

    Great Great Great

  32. Ijay;Thank you!!! Once you can trust, COMPLETELY, the only One who can lead you right, they will be on the right path too.

    And yes, after such a declaration, one of many, by the way :), it’s not possible to stay mad with her… Hmmmm, Smart, girl!

  33. Omalichaa IK, so inspiring and motivating! You’ve consistently proven that being incharge of this responsibility of motherhood is worthwhile and a true expression of taking charge of your calling! To other mums, while I salute you too, this is a reality check!

  34. That name, Olaedo is definitely resonant in your comment sections.
    I totally love the down-to-earthedness of the post.
    As for me, the mini mes and mini hims can wait for now….abeg…:D

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