360NOBSFASHION: Andrea Iyamah’s Plush Collection

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Looking to turn heads on the red carpet? Check out Dumebi Iyamah’s “Plush collection,” a young up and coming Nigerian designer. Her artistry and creativity are on full display in her newest “Plush collection”, a line where she transitions her designs into a more matured look, featuring a blend of darker shades but still managing to keep the excitement. There are outbursts of bright colors in all the right places, drawing attention without being outlandish. The line was showcased at her fashion show last November and received an influx of positive reviews. After much anticipation and requests, the look book is finally here!

Her work depicts maturity, elegance, and style, working a fashionable storyline, which presents long, chiffon, and velvet dresses highlighted with hand-made beading.  Each dress tells a unique story and will make anyone stand out in a crowd. If you are a person with a taste for the exclusive, or if you just crave attention and the praise of your peers; get your hands on one of these well-made custom dresses… Order at www.andreaiyamah.com
Keep up to date with Dumebi Iyamah’s newest creations by following her blog www.andreaiyamah.blogspot.com


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  1. The dresses are all gorgeous..the use of one pair of shoes for the entire shoot was rather off-putting though.
    But that last dress..WOWZA! Red carpet super glam!

  2. WOOW!!! I absolutely love all the dresses in this collection, but the 6th dress is my personal favourite! For some strange reason I have no problem with the fact that the model wears the same shoes through out, maybe the whole point is to focus on the dress and not the shoes. #justsaying

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