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Whether  you see him as the former Fellowship of Christian Students choirmaster or as one of Ukraine’s finest Nigerian performer and dancer or even watch him do his stuff on the basketball court the chances are, his soothing vocals coupled some beats are likely to have you dancing or nodding to some inspiring lyrics.

This 2010 X-Factor aspirant goes by his stage name RoiEezy but his passport tags him as Roy Agiang and is In his mid 20’s, born on the 26th of June. This handsome (If you don’t agree, go see your ophthalmologist) lad sees music as an escape from the worries of this world.  “Once I’m singing, it just does it for me,” a very lively RoiEezy said. Not just that, but that’s his way of making the world a better place, he explained.

His persistence and love for music has led to him producing jams that have rocked and continue to rock dance floors around Ukraine. Visit any Nigerian gathering in Ukraine and these two songs have had the crowd going gaga,  “Jaiye” and “Omoge Wa”

This musical skill didn’t just fall off the sky… Coming from a family that sees music as a family pass-time sure gave this gentleman a push. “My house was my choir. My mom sang soprano, I took tenor, my Sis auto while my Dad danced” he recalled.

This top achieving medical student has shared a stage with Nigeria’s own Tuface Idibia as well as the king of comedy, Basket Mouth in various shows held in Ukraine. However, he sees this privilege as the beginning of things to come.

Depending on his mood, this all rounder could be messing with different genres of music. “Anything could be expected from me. Don’t be surprise I could come with Fuji sef,” RoiEezy said. “My music is that kind that you can’t just help but love.”

With that in mind, RoiEezy definitely has some big brothers he looks up to in the music scene in Nigeria. Mention the name Vector and this fliboiroi will go off. Having Vector, El’dee, Tuface and a couple others as mentors in the industry, He is definitely on his way there… Vector watch out, this youngster has his eyes on you… so much so that he was tagged Ukraine’s second most liked Nigerian artist, narrowly losing the first place to another.

With his love for music just a little less than his love for medicine, when not “nerding” away in some huge Einstein looking Medical textbook, you’re most likely going to find him writing, recording or playing music with his guitar

Keep your ears unclogged, your eyes wide open. RoiEezy is working hard! In a few years, a Doctor and a Great Musician will be making Nigeria and the whole of Africa proud…

RoiEezy – Happy endings

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