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Ekelly whose real name is Emmanuel kelechi Nwosu, grew up in Jos. He started music actively in his early teens playing drums and the keyboard at 14 while in Baptist High School Jos. He remembers remaking beatz like ‘gangsters paradise’ by coolio and, ‘one sweet day’ by boys 11 men.

eKelly always had deep curiosity about how sounds were put together to make a song, first experience making beatz was with a PSR795 yamaha keyboard while in high school, alongside MI, Ewongo and Jesse JAGZ. Professionally, he started studio production in October 2000 after completing a diploma in accounting. Against his father’s wish, eKelly spent his Industrial training year in d studio. His passion for making music was all the drive needed to propel him to become one of the top producers in the industry today. eKelly reserves special thanks and respect for the guys who taught him the basics, some of which are Jeremiah Gyang , Jordan king, and PM rock.

Kelechi recorded a couple of songs of his own as an R n B artiste which were released on radio in Jos, Abuja and other northern states, songs like still holding on feat MI, could dis be love feat Ice prince and Can i. In search for a bigger platform he relocated to Lagos in 2009 and since then produced hit songs with artistes like Wizkid, skuki, flowssick loose kaynon, MI, Jesse Jagz, Ice prince, Brymo, Waje, Muna, YQ, Yung6ix, Dipp, Eva, Mocheddah, the list is endless.

Current project include Faze’s next album, eKelly has taken time to compile the best  of his work for the year 2011

Rock Ya Body – Dipp: http://bit.ly/x8s7jW
Fly Away – Dipp: http://www.4shared.com/mp3/YBywZhBT/02_Fly_away_ekellybeatz.html
Good Girls – Dipp: http://bit.ly/Ab8Ill
Somebody Lied  – Ice prince: http://bit.ly/wNG5hC
Still Holding On –  MI and Ekelly: http://bit.ly/zhVEA8
5 In D Morning – Alexis: http://bit.ly/zp5HPZ
Be’Noni – Minus2: http://bit.ly/zOYBNT
Falling – Femi Jubal: http://bit.ly/xTv5UR
Halelujah – Skuki : http://bit.ly/wUEkoU
Ja Lo Koro M.A.K(makiller): http://bit.ly/wySpb5
Koko Se – Oyinkansola: http://www.4shared.com/mp3/huPRMya6/koko_se_ekellybeatz.html
Low Key – Flowssick: http://bit.ly/zSAAP8
Mo Ti De- Loose kaynon: http://bit.ly/zmw1nn
No Time – Borexx: http://bit.ly/yDsTL8
Mmo Adugbo -Minus2: http://bit.ly/AuPnMr
So Inspired – Waje: http://bit.ly/xWhg01
Waka Dey Go – ciana: http://bit.ly/za76on




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